Business Week in Seattle: Geocaching

On Thursday, February 16th, we had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the company Geocaching located in the northwest suburb of Seattle. We were first given a tour to observe the workplace atmosphere, learn how the departments are organized and see how the company functions. Then, various employees (including one of the company’s founders Bryan Roth!) introduced us to their company. Continue reading


Tips about New York


NYC restaurants’ notation: what you should know!

You might or might not yet have seen in the restaurant front letters such as « A », « B » or « C ». It is not simply letters they do give information on the cleanliness and health of the restaurant. This notation system has been set up because, every year, 10 000 persons were intoxicated and thousands hospitalized.  Continue reading

Duke University in Durham NC, USA

Candice Baroux & Pauline Delubac, graduate students from GEM, share their experience at the Duke University in Durham NC, USA.

The two most important things to do before leaving are to get a visa and find an accommodation. Candice Aldrich, our academic advisor, will give you all the information you need for the process of getting your visa. We have to warn you that the process to get it is quite annoying and expensive (around 300€, and you have to go to Paris for that…). You have a lot of administrative paperwork to fill in, which turned out to be time consuming. We advise you to fill in everything as soon as you have all the information so that you can get your visa faster. Continue reading

GEMs on Wall Street: The 2nd Transcontinental Finance Programme in New York

Pace Jan 2014 5

On January 6th 2014, 25 students from Grenoble EM began the second edition of the Transcontinental Finance in New York programme. The programme was created last year by the Centre for International Affairs and has proved to be just as popular this year with demand for the programme oversubscribed by 3 to one. Mark Thomas, Associate Dean and Director or International Affairs, was there to open the programme with John Meletiadis, Executive Director of the Center for Global Business Programms and Brian Pew, Associate Director.

Finance in New York Programme outline

The programme is designed to give a large number of GEM students a deep insight into ins and outs of finance in the USA and also to show them some of the best practices of working in the United States. The students will also do three main courses on Corporate Finance, Money, Banking and Markets, and International Banking and Financial Markets.

However, they will not just be studying as an isolated group but will be very in contact with students at Pace University and the business community in New York. This year they will be taking one of their four courses with regular students at Pace University and will of course be in contact with them in the various clubs and associations that are offered. This is always the fun part of any international experience. Continue reading