A visit to The Murray Edward Women’s College, in Cambridge

Founded in 1954, New Hall College was one of the only women constituent colleges in Cambridge after the Second World War. Today, five hundred people are studying there, but at that time, they were only sixteen and Cambridge had one of the lowest rate of woman graduating in the United Kingdom.

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The unique history of Cambridge’s St Mary’s Church

As the leaves begin to fall and the streets fill with new students, St Mary’s Church stays standing between King’s College and The Market Hill. It remains one of the many confirmations that Cambridge has experienced so much history. We had the pleasure of discoverng it thanks to Gerald, our guide, during “Open Cambridge” on the 9th of September.

The front Tower of the Church

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A Cultural Experience: A visit to the Cambridge Mosque

After arriving at the Abu Bakr Mosque, we were welcomed by a man who showed us the entrance to the women’s room. Once inside we had to take off our shoes before entering a room covered in carpet, dedicated to prayer. This prayer room for women is located above the men’s prayer room in the mosque. There were big light-colored carpets all over the floor, with display stands in the four corners of the room presenting: The Quran in different languages, Hijab scarfs, some prayer accessories and prayer mats. There were also TV screens showing pictures of the “Kaaba” and other important religious places and objects. Continue reading

A formal dinner at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

On the evening of the 8th of September, nine students attended the Open Cambridge dinner. This dinner took place in the historic splendour of the 19th century dining hall at Corpus Christi College. All of us dressed up to “impress”. It was a truly memorable evening.

Before the dinner, enjoying the magnificence of the Old Court

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The History of Cambridge

This tour was mainly based on anecdotes about the city of Cambridge. We walked around the city with the guide and we stopped in front of each significant monument or college. The guide told us all the interesting information we needed to know about each college and street. It was very interesting because this city is full of wonderful stories that amaze you.

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