Living and learning at McGill University

McGill’s campus and facilities

The main advantage of McGill is that its campus is downtown. Therefore, you can eat, shop and find everything you want really easily. The campus is huge and it is composed of several buildings that are classified by area of studies. It is open and everybody can freely access it. There are several libraries on the campus and some are open up to 24/24h. So no excuse for not studying! The main one is the McLennan Library, with many levels and rooms dedicated to either group work or individual work. You can borrow lots of books and find them easily by asking the welcome desk or searching in the website. There is also a cafeteria and water fountains everywhere.

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First semester at McGill University!

McGill University is one of the world’s best universities, ranked 32 (the only Canadian university to be in the top 35 for 15 years running) by the 2018 IQS World University Rankings and is known for attracting the brightest students from across Canada, the United States and the entire world. It is celebrated for its thriving international diversity and the research intensities on a global scale. McGill is one of most successful research-intensive universities, and was awarded $547,5 million in research funding in 2016. It was also ranked 1st or 2nd “Research University of the Year” for the past 15 years among Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities according to Re$earch Infosource 2017. Continue reading

The museums of NYC

New York City is home to hundreds of cultural institutions and historical sites, many of which are internationally known. It is also known as an expensive city, but there are many ways in which the city is generous to New Yorkers and tourists. Many of the city’s best attractions, museums, galleries and performances offer free entry or pay-what-you-wish options, be it for a select day of the month or evening hours every week. Those seeking a bargain can use the no-cost or low-cost admittance to take a chance on the unknown or to return to a favourite art work, exhibit or gallery again and again.

Below is a just a selection of our favourite! There are other free places, such as the galleries and museums of area colleges and universities.

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Hiking while at SFU

One semester in Vancouver … and what an amazing semester! British Columbia is the right place for nature lovers. Burnaby and its surrounding areas gather a diversity and a myriad of beautiful landscapes. There’s something for everybody!

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Brooklyn and its neighborhoods

Brooklyn is the most popular borough of New York City. Brooklyn was an independent incorporated city until January 1st, 1898, according to new Municipal Charter of “Greater New-York”. Brooklyn was consolidated with the other cities, boroughs and countries to form the modern “City of New-York”. During the first decade of the 21st century, Brooklyn has experienced a renaissance: it became a place for hipsters, gentrification was settled, house prices increased. Now, Brooklyn is a hub of entrepreneurship and high technology startup firms and a place for postmodern art and design.



Here is a map of Brooklyn and its different neighborhoods. We will explain the history of some of these neighborhoods.


First, we will focus on Bushwick.


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