Business Week in Seattle: Geocaching

On Thursday, February 16th, we had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the company Geocaching located in the northwest suburb of Seattle. We were first given a tour to observe the workplace atmosphere, learn how the departments are organized and see how the company functions. Then, various employees (including one of the company’s founders Bryan Roth!) introduced us to their company. Continue reading


Restaurants and Food in Vancouver

For French people, food is a serious matter. We always think about what we are going to eat throughout the day, and during our stay in Vancouver, this obsession has not disappeared… However, our eating habits are a bit different here, in British Columbia ! Here are some tips we want to share with you to get ready… Continue reading

Housing at Simon Fraser University

During the 4 months’ study abroad at SFU (Simon Fraser University), we all decided to live in “Townhouse”.

The townhouses are residence houses for 4 undergraduate students. (See floormap ) Each unit is 3 floors. On the main floor, there are a shared kitchen and a living room area. On the upper floors, there are two single bedrooms and one shared bathroom per floor. In rooms, only the most basic furniture are provided: a bed, a mattress, a desk, a chair, a closet and finally a wardrobe. (See how it looks like )

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Transcontinental Track in Canada : Flash-back on the teambuilding week-end

Carole Attia,  graduate student from Grenoble EM, and Sivansh Padhy, student at Simon Fraser University come back on the teambuilding week-end organised for both SFU and Grenoble EM students.

Little time was wasted pressing the comfort zones of both SFU students and GEM students alike, as we were all whisked off on a retreat to the Sunshine Coast of BC for a few days of team building, fresh air, and learning about the importance of sustainability.

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