Business Week in Seattle: Geocaching

On Thursday, February 16th, we had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the company Geocaching located in the northwest suburb of Seattle. We were first given a tour to observe the workplace atmosphere, learn how the departments are organized and see how the company functions. Then, various employees (including one of the company’s founders Bryan Roth!) introduced us to their company. Continue reading


A semester studying in Taipei.

Lucie Rozinthe, has been studying at the National Chengchi University in Taipei since January. She describes to us the differences she has seen there in the education, the way of life and also how it compares to France.

Lucie Rozinthe


“The main reason that I wanted to do an exchange in Asia was because I know that nowadays it’s important to know about Asian culture and how it works.”  She went to Taipei because its culture is like in China, except it’s “easier to live there.” Continue reading

New York and its Financial district, the perception of a GEM student

Jeremy Hochedez, graduate student from Grenoble EM, shares with us his virtual visit of New York and his financial related hobby for American quarters.

Thoughts on what a visit of New York and its Financial district would be, should your friends manage to come visit you…

This article is dedicated to my best friend and his girlfriend who were supposed to visit me today, but due to bad weather their flight was cancelled (Guess what… It is snowing, once again).

Get up at 5 AM in order to welcome you at 7 AM in JFK airport. We were supposed to catch the air train and then the J train straight to my place in order to drop your stuff. After introducing you to my nice but teasing roomies we would have taken the subway to South ferry station. The ferry is free so we could have been to Staten Island and, on the way, we could have taken lots of pictures of the Statue of Liberty. Continue reading


Emilie Van Lierde, a graduate management student from Grenoble EM, shares with us her experience at the University of Sydney.


For my last semester of studies, I wanted to live an experience I would remember for my whole life. I had never traveled much before and this was the opportunity to go somewhere far, far away from home.  That’s why I applied for an exchange semester at the prestigious Sydney University Business School. Now that I’ve been in Sydney for three months, it’s time for me to give you the hottest tips if you’re planning on coming to this wonderful place (needless to say that you should!).

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Catherine Carrow and Celia de Mengin Poirier, two graduate management students from Grenoble EM, talk about their experience at Stellenbosch University

800px-Stellenbosch_Ou_HoofgebouWe are two newly graduated students from GEM, Catherine and Celia, and we spent our last studying semester in South Africa at the University of Stellenbosch, on the Bellville campus, 30 min away from Cape Town. We will try throughout this article to describe how amazing and exciting these six exchange months were.

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