Chinese food – the French perspective

When do Chinese people eat?

Chinese people have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. They don’t have a coffee time in the afternoon like we would have in France. Next, the Chinese eat their lunch around midday and their dinner time is also earlier than us, around 5pm.


Example of the Conviviality of Chinese people and Chinese meals

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A visit to The Murray Edward Women’s College, in Cambridge

Founded in 1954, New Hall College was one of the only women constituent colleges in Cambridge after the Second World War. Today, five hundred people are studying there, but at that time, they were only sixteen and Cambridge had one of the lowest rate of woman graduating in the United Kingdom.

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Classes in Columbia University – a student’s perspective!

As GEM students in the Transcontinental Track at Columbia University, we have 4 classes related to geopolitics. 2 classes (Corporate Geopolitics and Competitive Thought Processes in Geopolitics) are taught by GEM. In addition, we get to pick 2 classes from Columbia. The list of Classes can change but here are some courses we took this year:

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The unique history of Cambridge’s St Mary’s Church

As the leaves begin to fall and the streets fill with new students, St Mary’s Church stays standing between King’s College and The Market Hill. It remains one of the many confirmations that Cambridge has experienced so much history. We had the pleasure of discoverng it thanks to Gerald, our guide, during “Open Cambridge” on the 9th of September.

The front Tower of the Church

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Discovering one of the most famous campuses in the world – Columbia University

As French people, we all have this image of American universities’ campuses from American blockbusters. Columbia University is one of the most represented universities in the movies. “Malcom X” (1992), “Ghostbusters” (1984), “Spider-Man” (2002), “Hitch” (2005) or “Casino Royale” (2006), to name a few of them, have in common the specificity of having been filmed on the Columbia University campus. During the campus visit on the first day of school, we immediately realized the vastness of the campus since the university is the third largest landowner in New York after the municipality and the Roman Catholic Church. Indeed, on the Morningside campus, the university has buildings from the 109th Street to the 122nd street between Morningside Drive and Riverside Drive.

A great place to work! Photo: Butler Library

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