The History of Cambridge

This tour was mainly based on anecdotes about the city of Cambridge. We walked around the city with the guide and we stopped in front of each significant monument or college. The guide told us all the interesting information we needed to know about each college and street. It was very interesting because this city is full of wonderful stories that amaze you.

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A historical visit to Cambridge’s exhibition on Colonial India:

We went to the exhibition called “Freedom and Fragmentation”. Upon entering, it was far from the warm atmosphere we had come to expect from Cambridge. Even more surprisingly for an exhibition on old photographs, we arrived in a beautiful modern building of brick and glass. The exhibition was taking place in the hall of the Centre of South Asian Studies. It was divided into three parts.

India before The Parition

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Open Cambridge: the ABU BAKR MASJID

In a city where the Islamic community is pretty slim, one might think that during the Open  Cambridge  days  everyone  would  do  all  the  major  landmarks  in  the  city  and  no  one  would be interested in visiting a random mosque. Surprisingly enough, there were lots of people interested in knowing more and more about Islam and all that comes with it: from how Muslims do the prayer to the 5 pillars of Islam, the visitors who attended this session spared the guide no question. Continue reading

Open Cambridge: A journey through the old library at Trinity College

Continuing with the Open Cambridge series, 3 GEM students on the Downing College Transcontinental Track share their discoveries of the old library at Trinity College.

trinity-collegeThe Old Library, built in 1590, is one of the first purpose-built college libraries and the oldest library still in its original setting in Cambridge. It is housed in the red brick Tudor building opposite to Master’s Lodge. It is on the 1st floor in order to avoid being flooded since Trinity Hall is close to the River Cam. Continue reading

Punting down the river: GEM students at Open Cambridge


What’s Open Cambridge?

On September 9, 10 and 11, the annual weekend took place during which Cambridge throws open its doors so that local people can enjoy walks, talks, guided tours, exhibitions and special activities through its pretty gardens and amazing buildings. It was a unique opportunity for us, GEM students, to discover the beautiful surroundings, appreciate the calming and welcoming atmosphere but also to get to know each other better.

Created to offer free access to places that are normally closed or restricted to the public, [1] this year’s programme comprised a wide range of events from Tour of Robinson College Gardens and the Rugby Five Exhibition to discovering the local history of the Trinity Hall and the Senate House with professional guides, learning fascinating things through Historic Cambridge tour and enjoying the breath-taking architecture with Punting on the River Cam. Many colleges and museums organised special activities and surprising exhibitions, highlighting the city’s story. Continue reading