The museums of NYC

New York City is home to hundreds of cultural institutions and historical sites, many of which are internationally known. It is also known as an expensive city, but there are many ways in which the city is generous to New Yorkers and tourists. Many of the city’s best attractions, museums, galleries and performances offer free entry or pay-what-you-wish options, be it for a select day of the month or evening hours every week. Those seeking a bargain can use the no-cost or low-cost admittance to take a chance on the unknown or to return to a favourite art work, exhibit or gallery again and again.

Below is a just a selection of our favourite! There are other free places, such as the galleries and museums of area colleges and universities.

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How to pursue a career in finance while at Pace, NYC

If you plan to do a gap year in field such as Asset Management, Private Equity, or any investment related field, you might be interested in the Finance Track in New York. This article focuses on 4 points: the Bloomberg Market Certification, VBA programming, the Chartered Financial Analyst certification (CFA) and Networking.

As there are plenty of Bloomberg terminals at Pace University, you can freely login and use the well known financial software. Particularly, you might be interested in the BMC, a free 10-hours e-learning certificate. The benefit is that you not only learn the basics of the financial markets and how to use the Bloomberg terminal, but also it improves your resume to have the name of Bloomberg on it. Continue reading

Life at Pace : Remaining fit is no mean feat!

$3,55 was the bill we paid when we first went to the local Supermarket. We purchased one bottle of water and one bottle of Coca-Cola. Not very interesting, is it? Not very interesting except the fact we paid $1,68 for one bottle and $1,87 for the other one. And you know what? It is not a myth! 1L of the average brand of water is more expensive than 2L of Coca-Cola.

Type of food you find EVERYWHERE in NYC

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Celebrating the Chinese New Year in NYC

The Chinese New Year, Chinatown, New York City.

The Chinese New Year occurred on Friday, the 16th of February. We, Camille Paranque and Erwan Delanne, two members of the New York transcontinental track of GEM will tell you about our amazing experience.

We went to Chinatown in the very beginning of the afternoon. Attracted by the crowd and the music, we first naturally joined a sports field decorated for the occasion. Some stands proposed playful approaches of the Chinese culture. You could, for instance, get something to bring back to home like a nice red paper with your name written in Chinese, drink tasty drinks consumed in China or buy some souvenirs, that were more touristic than traditional. A concert of Chinese music accompanied the event, and the huge field was covered in confetti. We already had compassion for cleaning people who had to remove them the next day.

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Diversity in NYC: You never know what to expect from the Big Apple!

It has been approximately two months since I arrived in New York and I am still amazed by the great diversity this city offers – architecture, art, food, activities, music… You never know what to expect from the Big Apple.

You can travel without leaving the City. Financial district, Soho, Chelsea, Midtown, Chinatown, West Village, Upper East Side, Harlem, Brooklyn… These districts are all in the same city, New York, but they have such different atmospheres!

-“You never know what to expect from the Big Apple”

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