The museums of NYC

New York City is home to hundreds of cultural institutions and historical sites, many of which are internationally known. It is also known as an expensive city, but there are many ways in which the city is generous to New Yorkers and tourists. Many of the city’s best attractions, museums, galleries and performances offer free entry or pay-what-you-wish options, be it for a select day of the month or evening hours every week. Those seeking a bargain can use the no-cost or low-cost admittance to take a chance on the unknown or to return to a favourite art work, exhibit or gallery again and again.

Below is a just a selection of our favourite! There are other free places, such as the galleries and museums of area colleges and universities.

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Life at Pace : Remaining fit is no mean feat!

$3,55 was the bill we paid when we first went to the local Supermarket. We purchased one bottle of water and one bottle of Coca-Cola. Not very interesting, is it? Not very interesting except the fact we paid $1,68 for one bottle and $1,87 for the other one. And you know what? It is not a myth! 1L of the average brand of water is more expensive than 2L of Coca-Cola.

Type of food you find EVERYWHERE in NYC

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Studying in SFU – Gastown, an unmissable district of Vancouver

Gastown was the first downtown core area of Vancouver. Its historical boundaries are the waterfront, Columbia street, Hasting street and Cambie street.

The name Gastown comes from “Gassy” which was the nickname of Jack Deighton, an English mariner and saloon keeper, who opened the first saloon of the area in 1867. It quickly became the core area for trade and a resort for off-work loggers and fishermen. The small community between Carral and Cambie street quickly grew and it was incorporated into Vancouver in 1886. But it was devastated the same year by the “Big fire of Vancouver” and only 2 buildings remained. Everything had to be rebuilt. It was considered as the center wholesale production and distribution for the city. However, after the great Depression of 1930’s it became a forgotten area of the city. It stayed like that until the 1960’s, when citizens became concerned about the conservation of the architectural hertitage of the neighbourhood because it was going to be demolished to build a huge freeway in the city centre. It was saved by a campaign led by local business people and property owners. The restart of the area began with the opening of the “Exposition Gallery” by Henk F. Vanderhorst which encouraged the development of Gastown in the 1960’s. It led to new businesses and activities coming in the area. Finally, it gave a new start to Gastown and in 2009 it was designated a National Historic site of Canada.

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Studying at SFU – The Canadian Wildlife

Who has never dreamed about the Canadian Wild life? It is so famous all around the world that everybody knows about its huge forest areas and lakes, its big black bears and its moose which can measure more than 2 meters, almost 7 feet tall at shoulders! But the most impressive thing is how it can be easy to meet these animals even when you don’t want to! You can meet racoons so easily in the campus that after two months here, despite of their legendary cuteness, you almost don’t notice their presence anymore. Continue reading

Top Tips On Housing While Studying In NYC

Finding a place to live in New York can be stressful. There are many offers but they can be booked quickly, and the price might surprise you. That is why we would like to share our own experience with you.

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