A year in Grenoble

I’m Kevin Della Pace and i’m on exchange from University College Dublin. I’ve spent a year in Grenoble now so I wanted to part my experiences to you.


After finding out that my Erasmus was set for Grenoble in April, I had the whole summer for it to build up and eventually sink in. France, a new country with different ways of doing things as well as a new culture to get used to. Granted I am half Italian so I have some understanding of how a Latin country works (to a degree!) So I wasn’t too worried about coming here in fact if anything I was very excited as France is one of the places I have been longing to live in ever since I started going there when I was a little kid living next door in Italy. Continue reading


A semester studying in Taipei.

Lucie Rozinthe, has been studying at the National Chengchi University in Taipei since January. She describes to us the differences she has seen there in the education, the way of life and also how it compares to France.

Lucie Rozinthe


“The main reason that I wanted to do an exchange in Asia was because I know that nowadays it’s important to know about Asian culture and how it works.”  She went to Taipei because its culture is like in China, except it’s “easier to live there.” Continue reading

My experience in Grenoble École de Management as an exchange student

My name is Andrea Paredes and I am an exchange student from Spain- Universidad Complutense de Madrid. I wanted to share with you my experience as an exchange student, I can sum it up in one word: Excellent.


Andrea 1


I arrived in Grenoble on the 3rd of September, I was amazed at how beautiful the environment was, surrounded by big mountains and a huge river (Isère).

On the first day of class I met my classmates, 90% of them were French, but there were several exchange students which helped us adapt better. Being in a small group in class, we have a very good working environment, my colleagues are willing to help and work together, that’s something I love. Continue reading

Duke University in Durham NC, USA

Candice Baroux & Pauline Delubac, graduate students from GEM, share their experience at the Duke University in Durham NC, USA.

The two most important things to do before leaving are to get a visa and find an accommodation. Candice Aldrich, our academic advisor, will give you all the information you need for the process of getting your visa. We have to warn you that the process to get it is quite annoying and expensive (around 300€, and you have to go to Paris for that…). You have a lot of administrative paperwork to fill in, which turned out to be time consuming. We advise you to fill in everything as soon as you have all the information so that you can get your visa faster. Continue reading


Xinyu Wu from China, Abhijit Singh from Germany, and Alexis Pulido Murillo from Mexico, students benefiting from the CMIRA grant given by the Région Rhône-Alpes, share their different experiences as incoming students at GEM.  

Abhijit, tell us about the reasons that led you to choose GEM.

logo RRAThe first reason was the CMIRA grant. I am actually self-supported; I don’t have any loan or anything. I worked for some time in Germany at Siemens and I earned some moneys which I decided to invest in my studies. I had the choice between an exchange program and an internship but the CMIRA grant truly encouraged me to choose the exchange program. However, that was only one reason why I chose GEM, the second one being that I am foodie! Therefore it was a really nice opportunity for me to enjoy the food because when you come as a tourist you don’t see a lot and you don’t experience much. Staying here for 3 or 4 months was a good opportunity to actually discover the culture. While I was in Germany I came in France for business trips but I could not even manage to go to Paris so coming to France for longer had always been on my mind. I therefore postponed the internship to next year and came to Grenoble for a semester. Continue reading