Xinyu Wu from China, Abhijit Singh from Germany, and Alexis Pulido Murillo from Mexico, students benefiting from the CMIRA grant given by the Région Rhône-Alpes, share their different experiences as incoming students at GEM.  

Abhijit, tell us about the reasons that led you to choose GEM.

logo RRAThe first reason was the CMIRA grant. I am actually self-supported; I don’t have any loan or anything. I worked for some time in Germany at Siemens and I earned some moneys which I decided to invest in my studies. I had the choice between an exchange program and an internship but the CMIRA grant truly encouraged me to choose the exchange program. However, that was only one reason why I chose GEM, the second one being that I am foodie! Therefore it was a really nice opportunity for me to enjoy the food because when you come as a tourist you don’t see a lot and you don’t experience much. Staying here for 3 or 4 months was a good opportunity to actually discover the culture. While I was in Germany I came in France for business trips but I could not even manage to go to Paris so coming to France for longer had always been on my mind. I therefore postponed the internship to next year and came to Grenoble for a semester. Continue reading