USA: my spring break experience

After the Allocation Day at Grenoble Ecole de Management, I found myself eligible for a term in the United States, attending Duke University in North Carolina from January to May 2019. While leaving for this destination in early January, I must admit I had some trouble looking on the bright side of things. I had for sure not yet realized that it would give me the great opportunity to live my very first (and probably last) American spring break!

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My experience studying at Duke University.

Duke chapel
The Duke University Chapel

Duke University is one of the top American universities. Fuqua Business School is famous for having Tim Cook and Melinda Gates as part of its alumni. The highly renowned teachers provide high quality lectures on a wide variety of subjects (Health Care Markets, Corporate Finance, Derivatives, Game Theory, Crypto-currencies…). Students need to complete some preliminary homework before most of each class and submit it to the teachers.

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Innovation Business Week : live the French life for 2 weeks


At the beginning of January, 22 students from Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill and The George Washington University joined the short program: Innovation Business Week. Through these programs, Grenoble Ecole de Management offers another approach of business concepts and applications, the European approach, and allows students to participate in new innovative learning models like the serious games. Continue reading

Duke University in Durham NC, USA

Candice Baroux & Pauline Delubac, graduate students from GEM, share their experience at the Duke University in Durham NC, USA.

The two most important things to do before leaving are to get a visa and find an accommodation. Candice Aldrich, our academic advisor, will give you all the information you need for the process of getting your visa. We have to warn you that the process to get it is quite annoying and expensive (around 300€, and you have to go to Paris for that…). You have a lot of administrative paperwork to fill in, which turned out to be time consuming. We advise you to fill in everything as soon as you have all the information so that you can get your visa faster. Continue reading

Grenoble EM welcomes Duke master students

Last week, Grenoble EM  welcomed two new Masters students from Duke University, USA. Jill Javier and Nancy Fechnay have come to Grenoble to study Innovation to reinforce what they have done on their two years MBA program at the Fuqua School of Business.

Martin Zahner, Jill Javier, Nancy Fechnay, Mark Thomas

Martin Zahner, Jill Javier, Nancy Fechnay, Mark Thomas

The Center for International Affairs set up the agreement with the Fuqua School of Business two years ago. In all, four students from Duke have now come to Grenoble and two students from GEM have recently started their courses there.

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