What are students’ first impressions about their exchange?

We asked students what was their first impression when they first arrived in their host country. Here are their thoughts:

“Upon arrival at Hong Kong, you can directly feel the diversity of this city. The main language you hear is Cantonese but you also hear languages from all over the world. There is a large variety of Asian and Western food. The cars drive on the other side of the road compared to what I am used to and you can see temples in between two buildings. Tradition is mixed with modernity. You learn very quickly how things are done here: how to stop a minibus or to ask for a taxi. You also get to socialize a lot with people from all origins, locals and foreigners. So far, my journey has been instructive and has forced me to get out of my comfort zone.”

ClémENCE IN HONG KONG, CHINA – College of business, city university of hong kong

“I am an exchange student at George Washington University (GWU) in Washington DC, USA. My integration in the university went very well. The GWU administrative team has been very helpful at the beginning of the year.
The Covid affects the student life a little bit since many events of the university are cancelled. But I can still feel that the city is very student-oriented!
The courses offered are in the evening, from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm approximately. This frees up our days to study or visit the city. The city of Washington DC is very rich in culture and history. There are many museums, monuments and memorials to visit for free. It is also very well located on the east coast of the United States, which is ideal for travel!
Finally, it is important to note that living in Washington DC is expensive (housing and cost of living).”

Marie in washington dc, usa – The george washington university, school of business

“I am a MIB exchange student at Smith School of Business, Queen’s University which is located in the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
I moved to Kingston two weeks ago and, so far, the life in the city has been delightful. Kingston is not a big city but there is a huge student life with a lot of restaurants, bars, activities.. to do.
I live in a house with 4 other girls, 10 minutes’ walk from the Ontario lake. As a usual Canadian winter, it is currently very cold and snowy but it is a fun experience to live.
Canada is also a beautiful country with a lot of places and national parks to discover. Canadians are very welcoming, helpful and nice.
I, unfortunately, haven’t had the chance to go to Queen’s yet because of the pandemic restrictions, but the host university does its best for us to have quality classes online.
Overall, I feel great in this city and I can’t wait for public places to reopen so I can visit and enjoy more !”

Emma in kingston, ontario, canada – queen’s university, smith school of business

What about you, what will be your first impression when you go study abroad?

Why a good knowledge of coffee shops might save your life during your studies at McGill

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What to eat, drink, do and see when you’re in Montreal

The cultural life in Montreal is very rich. Whether in terms of cultural visits or vibrant nightlife, you won’t have time to get bored during your semester!

Top 6 restaurants :

  • La Banquise (open 24/7): a MUST do! It’s the most famous place to get the typical Quebec dish: la Poutine.
  • L’Avenue (pictured): brunch is a big deal in Canada and L’Avenue offers one of the best one in town. Like most restaurant in Montreal, you can’t book a table so the line is (very) long on week-ends. If you don’t want to wait, you should go there during the week.
  • Les Enfants Terribles: located on top of the Montreal Observatory, go there when the weather is nice to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Montreal while eating!
  • L’Gros Luxe: classic mac and cheese, with extra bacon. Enough said.         
  • A&W (best fast food in the whole world!): Organic, affordable and far tastier than McDonald’s!
  • Kinka Izakaya: near Concordia, without a doubt the best Asian restaurant here. Be sure to book a table and taste their salmon and dumplings!

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Everyday life at SFU: living in Vancouver.

Vancouver skyline
Vancouver skyline and mountains

Grocery shopping 

It can be more expensive than in France and you should be careful: meat, cheese, what you need for breakfast, for example, costs more. 

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