Snowshoeing in Vancouver – The SFU experience

Anais B and Viviane B on the Top of Cypress Mountain

Like Grenoble, Vancouver is surrounded by splendid mountains named Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain and Mount Seymour. If you are choosing among several winter activities such as snow tubing or skiing, snowshoeing is definitely a very nice way to enjoy the Canadian landscapes! It’s economical and gives a way to admire the sun passing through the conifers.

You can read below the little story of our first snowshoeing session on a sunny day! But snowshoeing is also enjoyable on a normal rainy day because it’s snowing in the mountains: we did it again with other students of the GEM Program in Whistler (the famous ski station which welcomed the Olympic Games in 2010) and we felt like entering the enchanting world of Narnia!

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An ordinary day at Simon Fraser University

It has been two months since we landed in Vancouver. We are closer to the end of the adventure than to its beginning, and our experience so far allows us to describe what a casual day at SFU looks like.

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Transcontinental track and first days in Vancouver

Day 1

Here we were, December the 30th ! It was time for us and our future classmates to take the plane for a new adventure! Trust us, adventure was the right word.

This adventure started at the airport when the airport security stopped us for our non-valid ESTA (Visa). Some were interrupted 2 hours before, while others were stopped 5 minutes before boarding. While talking with the security guard, we realized that everyone took the wrong number, the one located on the bottom left of our passport instead of the one on the top right. The only difference between the 2 numbers is one 0 at the end of the bottom one. Good to know!

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Exchange experience in Memorial University of Newfoundland by Anqi Tian

In last year September, I was exchanged to Memorial University of Newfoundland for one semester. I spent unforgettable time there. It is really a wonderful experience, people there are very friendly.

IMG_3074 - 副本_副本

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Transcontinental Track in Canada : Flash-back on the teambuilding week-end

Carole Attia,  graduate student from Grenoble EM, and Sivansh Padhy, student at Simon Fraser University come back on the teambuilding week-end organised for both SFU and Grenoble EM students.

Little time was wasted pressing the comfort zones of both SFU students and GEM students alike, as we were all whisked off on a retreat to the Sunshine Coast of BC for a few days of team building, fresh air, and learning about the importance of sustainability.

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