Learning new ways to communicate in China!

What is communication? Communication is a two-way process of reaching a mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. In general, communication is a means of connecting people or places.  Living in China, gives us a new understanding of how important communication is, in a place where you sometimes feel illiterate because of the Chinese characters. We will explain our methods of communication in different situations. Continue reading


The History of Cambridge

This tour was mainly based on anecdotes about the city of Cambridge. We walked around the city with the guide and we stopped in front of each significant monument or college. The guide told us all the interesting information we needed to know about each college and street. It was very interesting because this city is full of wonderful stories that amaze you.

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A historical visit to Cambridge’s exhibition on Colonial India:

We went to the exhibition called “Freedom and Fragmentation”. Upon entering, it was far from the warm atmosphere we had come to expect from Cambridge. Even more surprisingly for an exhibition on old photographs, we arrived in a beautiful modern building of brick and glass. The exhibition was taking place in the hall of the Centre of South Asian Studies. It was divided into three parts.

India before The Parition

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Diversity in NYC: You never know what to expect from the Big Apple!

It has been approximately two months since I arrived in New York and I am still amazed by the great diversity this city offers – architecture, art, food, activities, music… You never know what to expect from the Big Apple.

You can travel without leaving the City. Financial district, Soho, Chelsea, Midtown, Chinatown, West Village, Upper East Side, Harlem, Brooklyn… These districts are all in the same city, New York, but they have such different atmospheres!

-“You never know what to expect from the Big Apple”

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Cultural experience at Cambridge: Rowing

Rowing is the best sport you can try in Cambridge. We visited the boathouses along The Cam River during the Cambridge Open. Not all of Cambridge’s 31 colleges own their own boat club, but most of them do, even if they share a boathouse. Goldie, a Cambridge University Club, has the oldest surviving boathouse on the Cam, built in 1882. However, the first college boathouse to be built was Trinity in 1872 (rebuilt in 1896).

One of Cambridge’s well-known boathouses

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