Life at the Beihang University campus

Beihang University in Beijing, China


Beihang university is a real city within the city: we all hope (or almost…) that we will be able to find it on the massive campus. We all live in the building of international students, named Da Yun Cun. Each apartment sleeps 4 in two bedrooms. Each room is about 12m² and has a bathroom. Only the small hall with the fridge and the microwave is shared. The rooms are not very welcoming at first, but with a few decorations and good cleaning up, we rapidly felt at home.

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After the Beijing Tanscontinental Track

Feedback from the Beihang Transcontinental Track students

“This experience made me grow as a person, in term of relationships and open-mindedness. I had the opportunity to travel and meet people from various part of China. I discovered a new way of living and different cultures from all over the country. I learnt a lot!” Aurélie

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Attending Beihang University

The Transcontinental Track class at Beihang University


In this article I will discuss the life inside the Beihang University campus, but first let me ask you something: when was the last time you walked up to a stranger or a stranger walked up to you and said “hi” and you suddenly become friends? Many of us are afraid of rejection which is why we stay in our comfort zones and never risk true intimacy.

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The Music Scene in Beijing

Living in such a multicultural environment is a stimulating experience for musicians and music lovers. In our international school, the presence of many cultures is undoubtedly a chance to discover new musical horizons.

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