After the Beijing Tanscontinental Track

Feedback from the Beihang Transcontinental Track students

“This experience made me grow as a person, in term of relationships and open-mindedness. I had the opportunity to travel and meet people from various part of China. I discovered a new way of living and different cultures from all over the country. I learnt a lot!” Aurélie

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The Music Scene in Beijing

Living in such a multicultural environment is a stimulating experience for musicians and music lovers. In our international school, the presence of many cultures is undoubtedly a chance to discover new musical horizons.

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Chinese food – the French perspective

When do Chinese people eat?

Chinese people have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. They don’t have a coffee time in the afternoon like we would have in France. Next, the Chinese eat their lunch around midday and their dinner time is also earlier than us, around 5pm.


Example of the Conviviality of Chinese people and Chinese meals

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Visiting Xi’an and Pingyao, a journey into China’s history

Here we are, rushing through the door of our dormitory to catch a cab in the early morning. As soon as we arrive at the train station, we catch the ultra-modern high-speed train direction Xi’an, the first capital of the Middle Kingdom.

Xi’an, since the economic renewal of China, is a dynamic city. With more than 8 million inhabitants, the capital of the Shaanxi province is returning to its former glory. Indeed, during the middle-ages, Xi’an or Chang’an, the so-called “million’s people city”, was one of the most populous city in China and in the world, at that time.

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How to get around Beijing

In Beijing

Taxi: The most popular way of transportation is the taxi because it is easier at the beginning when you don’t know the city and it is very cheap. You should take the taxi when you arrive from France. Often you have to negotiate the price but you shouldn’t pay more than 200 yuan for this ride. Try to share your taxi! To go into the city centre, it will cost you around 40-50 yuan. In the city you will find different kind of taxis: official ones and non-official ones. You can recognize the official taxi thanks to their colours (often yellow and green, or white and green). Non-official taxis are cars with a red light at the front. They are the ones that often drive at night, and try to charge you more than official taxis. You must not forget to always have the counter on when you start your ride. However, you must be aware that there are 2 different prices for during the day and at night. We recommend to always take the ticket of the taxi when you leave it: if you have forgotten something inside, you will then be able to call the taxi to get your belongings. Continue reading