Life at Sasin School of Management, Bangkok

Sasin is the School of Business in which we study during our Transco. The building is huge, very modern and located in the center of Bangkok, near the Siam and MBK shopping centers.

What does Sasin look like?

Sasin is a very high-tech and comfortable place: classrooms are equipped with microphones for each student, and there is a full setup in order to video tape and register the sessions. All of the courses can be taken online, so you can find in every classroom three big screens for those  who are not physically present.

To enter, you must go through face recognition (Sasin REALLY is into high-tech!)
Typical Sasin classroom

The building comprehends numerous rooms dedicated to the students: small ones with whiteboards to work in teams, bigger ones with sofa, fridge, musical instruments, table football to relax (yes, I know it’s fabulous). In Sasin free coffee, tea and hot chocolate, beverages  are readily available that are really appreciated during the thirty-minute break we have between each half of the courses.

You can buy food and eat it in Sasin’s cafeteria which is called the Food Lab (the food is good, a bit expensive and takes a long time to be prepared though). If you prefer a smaller snack, there are also vending machines.

Sasin also has a shop where you can purchase all kinds of goodies showing rabbits (the totem of the school -so cute). Even better: there is a no-waste shop at the ground floor, where you can buy hand soap and washing powder .

How are the courses organized at Sasin?

During our stay at Sasin we go through 3 different modules. In each module, we can select various courses (2 is recommended), knowing that the ones taught by a Gem teacher are compulsory. Some of the courses include a final exam, some are based on continuous grading, but all of them require us to carry out at least one team project. At Sasin most of the courses take place on the afternoon or in the evening (until 9:30 pm). On average we have class for three hours and a half each day. 

Working with Thai students is a great experience, as they truly are hard workers and perfectionist, but it also requires commitment from ourselves!

Team meeting in one of the numerous Sasin workrooms

The Gem courses are untitled “Social Innovation and Design Thinking” and “Comparative Business Environments”.
For the Thai courses, you can choose among the followings: “Investments”, “Marketing and Consumption”, “Family Business”, “Business Strategy”, “Data science and analysis”, “Branding” and “The age of Disruption”.
What is very convenient at Sasin is that there is a period of time during which you can choose to drop out of a course if after one or two sessions you figure out it does not suit you, and then register for another one instead.
Also, we have about one week of holidays in March, and two in April.

What about other Sasin students?

Through the classes and the numerous team projects we have to carry out, we are able to meet the other Sasin students. Most of them are Thai but we are not the only exchange students. All of them speak English very well, and are older than us, as we follow an MBA program. The other students have already worked or currently have a job, quite often in their family business (very common in Asia). Sometimes after the night classes we get together  and chill out in one of the relax rooms, as the school closes after 11 pm.

Shared dinner with other students

What activities can we take part in at Sasin?

Two weeks ago, Thai students organized a Sasin Sports Day, where various programs and alumni competed against each other in badminton, football, basketball, and fun games. As exchange students we could participate too, and it was so much fun!

Sasin staff also organizes numerous activities for the students: visit of temples, lunches, trip to Phuket etc. All of those, except the trip, were free (thank you so much Sasin!).

Sasin posted a memory on Instagram about our visit of The Great Palace

In case of any problems or questions we can reach out to teachers or Sasin staff through Line (Thai messenger), and they are very responsive.

Conclusion: Sasin is a great place for exchange students! Teachers, other students, and administrative staff are all very welcoming.

This article was written by Lisa Montaldo.