Live the NYC experience with us through photos and commentaries

Hi guys and welcome on Mainly International !

So we both really enjoy taking photographs everywhere we go, and we thought it would be a great idea to share some of our pics! Please enjoy the description that goes with it, we hope it will give you a great insight on what you’ll see if you enroll for this Transco!

Just before we begin: DO NOT hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, please, it will be a huge pleasure for us to help you on anything. Drop us a message on Facebook!

To begin with, here is Miss Liberty with wonderful colors behind. This is the kind of sunsets that you get every evening in NYC, whenever the sky is clear! There is a stunning view on the statue of Liberty right by our campus, you’ll just have to walk cross Wall St to get there, and enjoy this kind of sunset with friends 😉

Careful with the weather though! Bring layers, NYC can be sunny, but it only starts being warm by March. Expect freezing temperatures for the first two months! (See next photo)

Alright, this is not New York, its Boston (you’re a crazy nerd if you spotted it was Boston). But the photo’s nice isn’t it? It illustrates quite well how the weather can be even on the 1st of March!  The east coast is cold, not gonna lie, but it’s part of the experience.

Oh and about Boston, it’s just a few hours drive away from NYC, hop on a flixbus, and spend the weekend there! Visit Harvard and the MIT, taste great beers in local breweries, and enjoy all the cute neighbors there is. Same for Philadelphia and Washington, they are just a few hours away!
Make sure you visit other cities when you come here, you will have plenty of time to do so, schedules are tremendously light, so you can enjoy NYC, but also neighboring cities or countryside.

Let’s go back to New York, if you’d like, cause that’s what we’re here for! Something we really enjoyed was going for basketball, hockey or baseball games, they are sometimes very accessible, and the ambiance will make you feel like a real new yorker!
Here’s a photo of Barclay’s centre (see picture below), home of the Brooklyn Net’s, we recommend going to Madison Square Garden too!

Something else you might want to do is admire the great views over Manhattan from the free Staten Island Ferry, which brings you to a shopping mall (overrated in 2022) and to a 9/11 memorial. The view is NICE! (see picture below)

Last but not least, New York is full of incredible museums, like the Met, the MoMa, the Guggenheim and so many others… Most of them are are free for NYC residents (or pay what you wish) so we highly encourage you to take advantage of this! You can even chose to go several times as once will probably not be enough to cover everything (especially for the Met). Collections are simply amazing and so diverse, you will definitely find something to your liking.

This article was written by Nicolas Ridoux and Tom Clouaire

Exchange experience in Memorial University of Newfoundland by Anqi Tian

In last year September, I was exchanged to Memorial University of Newfoundland for one semester. I spent unforgettable time there. It is really a wonderful experience, people there are very friendly.

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