Sustainable Mobility Workshop (April 14, 2022)

GEM’s first Sustainable Mobility Workshop was held earlier this month on 14 April 2022. Jointly organized by the Centre for International Affairs and the Sustainability Hub, the workshop brought together around 40 attendees including students, staff, associations and a local university. The discussion centered on the environmental impact of international mobility. The session presented GEM’s Carbon assessment with a focus on the impact of travel and transportation (which represents 64% of our emissions!). The presentation was then followed by a quiz that challenged some of our pre conceived notions and further explained the notion of carbon footprint and what it represents at both individual and collective levels. Attendees were then invited to calculate their own travel emissions and discuss the various options to reduce the carbon footprint of their experience abroad (before, during or after their mobility) .

Certainly the most exciting part of the session was the creative game activity facilitated by Isabelle Patroix, manager of GEMLabs playground. In small groups within a fixed time limit (7min/3min slots), the participants were invited to brainstorm on a given theme and create the basis of a board game. The engagement and results were outstanding: 5 games created in 7 minutes on subjects linked to international mobility, such as “Go Green Go” or “Guess my trip”…!

The objective of this workshop initiative is to bring more awareness on these issues and create momentum within the school to share more tips & good practices around sustainable mobility, and we look forward to continue working with everyone on this topic.

Oui in Grenoble, the experience of an american student at GEM

When I look back at the time when I was deciding if I would enroll in a one-year exchange program at Grenoble École de Management, it’s hard for me to believe that I considered not coming here. I contemplated for good reasons such as putting off the beginning of my professional career for another year, but in the end, the benefits outweighed the costs. It sounds cliché (oui, oui) because it’s what any student who has ever studied abroad will tell you, but my experience here at GEM so far has been indescribable and better than I could have ever imagined.


Katie’s first day of classes at GEM

Why did you choose GEM?

My home university has a partnership with GEM, and so the Masters of Management exchange was an obvious choice for me due to the accessibility and correlation with my master degree in the US. A few of the deciding factors in my decision included the international atmosphere of the school, high rankings of my program, and the inclusiveness of the French culture with an academic environment. Many students from my university have completed this program in the past so I had several first hand personal testimonies to reference, which made my decision much easier.

I chose France for cultural aspects. I was in France for a short time 3 years ago on a one-month study abroad so I knew a bit of what living here would be like. Continue reading