Business Week in NYC : Tiffany & Co

The need for an investor relations VP appeared 30 years ago when Tiffany & Co became a public company. Mark Aaron took on the challenge and successfully conducted the company’s IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Today, we had the honour of hearing Mark Aaron presenting his job and explain why Tiffany is such a historic and successful company.

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Business Week in New York : FreshPlanet

On February 21st, 2017, we had the pleasure of meeting Mathieu Nouzareth, the French CEO of Freshplanet. Mathieu is a serial web entrepreneur who studied at Grenoble École de Management. He created his first three startups in 1995, at the beginning of the Internet age. In 1997, his business experienced a strong takeoff. For this reason, he decided to sell his business in 1999. Mathieu explained us that his goal was to create a company not necessary to make it last for a long time but mainly to sell it at the right moment. Continue reading

Business Week in Seattle: Geocaching

On Thursday, February 16th, we had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the company Geocaching located in the northwest suburb of Seattle. We were first given a tour to observe the workplace atmosphere, learn how the departments are organized and see how the company functions. Then, various employees (including one of the company’s founders Bryan Roth!) introduced us to their company. Continue reading

Visits at Tiffany & Co, Fresh Planet, Mazars, Deloitte, Ebay…an amazing business week in NYC

The class specializing in finance at Pace University in New York City had the privilege to visit prestigious companies in New York as well as welcoming guest speakers on the program at the university.  This was a wonderful chance for us in terms of seizing networking, internship and job opportunities. Continue reading

Restaurant week in NYC: Good bargain for good food


“Life in New-York is too expensive” and “Americans don’t eat healthy at all” are maybe the two prejudices that we have the most heard before arriving in New York. As we are fond of good food, we were quite afraid to have to spend a lot of money to discover American culinary practices and to eat other things than fast food. That is why we have decided to find plans to eat better and cheaper. After an extensive research, Restaurant Week appeared to be the best solution to achieve this objective. (See the Website :  However, as a foreigner, it’s quite difficult to find this event because most of the time, it’s a word of mouth process. There is only few advertising for this special week and it was important for us to share with you our experience during this wonderful event. Continue reading