GEMove Allocation Day!

GEMove is coming !

When? Thursday, 1st of Feb

What? The International Allocation Day




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Recap: GEMove International Allocation Day – February 2016

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A few weeks ago, students of GEM gathered excitedly in the auditorium for the GEMove International Allocation Day. One by one, over 500 students were called by name in order to choose their study abroad destination for next year – one of the biggest decisions in their lives so far. The Allocation was led by Mark Thomas, the Associate Dean & Director of International Affairs. Along with the team behind the system application, Mark called each student who awaited an allocation one by one, providing guidance, direction and even tele-consultation when it deemed necessary.

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The Allocation itself consisted of more than 500 applicants, which began last October with the information campaign. Students could choose up to 10 universities on their application. Similar to the previous years, some of the most popular destinations Continue reading

Exchange experience in Memorial University of Newfoundland by Anqi Tian

In last year September, I was exchanged to Memorial University of Newfoundland for one semester. I spent unforgettable time there. It is really a wonderful experience, people there are very friendly.

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“How did I perform during Amphi de Positionnement?” Testimonials from 3 students

Amphi de Positionnement of this year has taken place in the Auditorium on Feb 5, 2015. It has assisted over 500 students to choose their ideal destinations for academic exchange overseas. In addition, Amphi de Positionnement was also a great opportunity for the students who applied for the exchange programs to come back to school to see each other. It was one of the few times they can get together again before the end of the second year and get back in touch of GEM and knew what was happening. It was a stressful event but a very fun event as well.


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Amphi de Positionnement : it happened !

Amphi de Positionnement is an annual event which aims at allocating GEM students for their dreaming destination in terms of academic exchange. This year, Amphi de Positionnement took place in the Auditorium on Thursday, Feb 5, 2015. It had over 500 students attend this allocation meeting and make the choice live according to their ranking. Even though it was a half-day event, the preparation had been started earlier in the summer in the Center for International Affairs with coordination of Academic Advisors and Administrative staffs.


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