Innovation Business Week : live the French life for 2 weeks


At the beginning of January, 22 students from Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill and The George Washington University joined the short program: Innovation Business Week. Through these programs, Grenoble Ecole de Management offers another approach of business concepts and applications, the European approach, and allows students to participate in new innovative learning models like the serious games. Continue reading


Life in Grenoble: one student’s account after a year in France

Grenoble may not be in the top 3 biggest city in France, but it is one of the leading European cities in terms of high-tech industries. The city is famous for the higher education systems which means there are a lot of young students here… Continue reading

Integration, lifestyle and the CMIRA grant: a German student’s perspective

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Center for International Affairs as well as the people from the Welcome Desk for providing us so much help regarding the formalities, integration, student life etc. Continue reading

Rhône-Alpes CMIRA Grant: 4 grant recipients share their experiences about international life in France

Four students who are currently benefiting from the CMIRA grant provided by the Région Rhône-Alpes share their experiences about life at Grenoble with the help of the monthly grant. Here they explain their personal benefits of the supplementary income and how it has made their experience at GEM and in France one of the best in their life.

Ling Zhao

Ling is a double-degree student in the Masters in Management from Sun Yat-Sen Business School in China. Her experience at GEM has also been very successful, partly thanks to the support from the CMIRA grant. She said that she had a few options when choosing to study abroad, but with some contemplation and advice from her colleagues, she found that she made the right decision.

Life and Study at GEM:
When I began my studies in Grenoble, I found my choice was exactly correct. GEM is a very good business school. I had courses taught by professors from France, Germany, India, America, Ireland and China, which helped increase my professional knowledge and ability. And GEM offered great French courses in each week, which improved my French. On the other hand, I enjoyed a lot working with GEM’s students, both in and out of classes. There were a lot of activities organized by the GEM’s clubs. For example Continue reading

Ringing in the New Year with welcome and wishes of success for new exchange students at GEM.

It’s January in Grenoble! Which means snow-covered Alps, and a throbbing GEM campus with students eager to start the new semester after the holidays. The Center for International Affairs is happy to welcome more than 85 new international exchange students onto our Grenoble campus. Most of these students have arrived for a semester long exchange, and this year we have welcomed students from nations all over the globe including Canada, China, the United States, India and Singapore. Continue reading