GEM Short Programs

Every year, GEM welcomes groups of students from some of our partner universities: Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, George Washington University, Kentucky University in the USA, and Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

These short programs enable small cohorts of students to discover GEM and its corporate environment. For 7 to 10 days, they have the opportunity to visit local companies, meet with business representatives and experts, and attend classes and lectures taught by GEM teachers on a specific aspect of business, such as innovation or design thinking.

During their busy time in France, the participants also get to enjoy of the cultural activities Grenoble has to offer, such as skiing in Courchevel, one of the world’s most beautiful ski resorts, discovering local attractions, and tasting regional cuisine.

Check out this video made during this January Innovation Business Week with students from UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University and George Washington University, to find out more on the program’s highlights and the students’ feedback.

Why study abroad?

This year, the Center for International Affairs at Grenoble Ecole de Management has assisted over 700 student in their international experience. In 2019, China, the UK and Spain were the destinations most sought after by our students for an outgoing mobility. As for incoming students, China also leads in student numbers, with Germany a close second and Spain tying the US for third place.

We are looking forwards to finding out what the numbers for next year will be, as the selection campaign opens and students prepare to decide where they are going to spend their next semester or academic year.

And in case you are still undecided about the many advantages of an international academic experience, here are five reasons why you should study abroad.

Through the eyes of an exchange student – Christmas at GEM

This article was written by Hannah Hine from Aston University, England who was an exchange student this semester. 

Christmas felt like it began in mid-November here in Grenoble, when the university was filled with skis, boards, boots, poles and all sorts of snow accessories and clothing. The event, known as “Bourse aux Skis” enables students to buy new and ex-display skis and snowboards for low prices. The event lasted for three days, and there was a real buzz around school as students excitedly picked out their gear for the year.

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The thoughts and experiences of the Fall 2017 international exchange students!

It’s December in Grenoble! This means snow-covered Alps and a busy GEM campus! The fall semester is in full swing! This year, the International Center of Affairs was proud to welcome 88 students from all over the world from countries like Singapore, USA and Brazil! But for some of our international students, December means the end of their time here! We will take this time to hear about their experience, and reflect on their integration in GEM.

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Innovation Business Week : live the French life for 2 weeks


At the beginning of January, 22 students from Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill and The George Washington University joined the short program: Innovation Business Week. Through these programs, Grenoble Ecole de Management offers another approach of business concepts and applications, the European approach, and allows students to participate in new innovative learning models like the serious games. Continue reading