Recap: GEMove International Allocation Day – February 2016

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A few weeks ago, students of GEM gathered excitedly in the auditorium for the GEMove International Allocation Day. One by one, over 500 students were called by name in order to choose their study abroad destination for next year – one of the biggest decisions in their lives so far. The Allocation was led by Mark Thomas, the Associate Dean & Director of International Affairs. Along with the team behind the system application, Mark called each student who awaited an allocation one by one, providing guidance, direction and even tele-consultation when it deemed necessary.

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The Allocation itself consisted of more than 500 applicants, which began last October with the information campaign. Students could choose up to 10 universities on their application. Similar to the previous years, some of the most popular destinations Continue reading


A Hello from a rainy but warm and welcoming city, Vancouver !

universityWhen arriving to Canada, we had great ice breaking days where we met our coordinator Julia, our main professor Sharka and our class mates. Among them, we are lucky to have 3 great Canadian charming people. We discovered the beauty of the city by having dinner to that magnificent place that gave us a splendid view of Olympic game.

We didn’t expect to be that well welcomed with lots of visits of the town, activities, in a nutshell, great atmosphere and awesome organization.  We kind of really feel spoiled sometimes. Lucky us! Continue reading

Noémie Frohn and Loïse Mercier, students at GEM and representing France in an international student challenge powered by Capgemini.

We have been chosen among 14 other teams to represent France and AccorHotels in the Innovators Race challenge. It is an international innovation race between students of 6 countries: India, Brazil, the Netherlands, UK, USA and France. The challenge we have to face is brought by Accorhotels, the world’s leading hotel operator. We had to imagine a solution to leverage virtuous behaviors by guests and empower them at a new level to align with AccorHotels sustainable development commitment.

Our team : HeCO

A brief description of our project:

Accorhotels, the world’s leading hotel operator has more than 3,700 addresses in 92 countries.

Our innovation is technology and usage based. We have been working on it since we teamed up for the Capgemini challenge on November 1st, 2015. In short, our idea is to implement a “green rewarding” loyalty program with the creation of a new digital community focusing on sustainable matters linked with the hotel’s ecosystem.

We want to:

1) Raise awareness of the hotel’s sustainable issues among guests and to engage with them to leverage individual sustainable actions on a small scale by using gamification such as augmented reality.
2) Implement a “green rewarding” loyalty program with the creation of a new digital community focusing on sustainable matters linked with the hotel’s ecosystem.

This innovation obviously blends into the customer journey and is very favourable for guests making responsible choices during their stay. It will be implemented through omnichannels AccorHotels using existing app on mobile first !

The problem we have identified:

AccorHotels is like a city with half a million inhabitants, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a city that feeds, shelters, takes care of its inhabitants and looks after its environment.

What we would like to improve is the engagement of guests towards responsible choices and sustainable development during their stay at one of AccorHotels’ addresses.

We want to foster this special community like no hotel chain has before by using six unique levers: guest passion, sustainable performance, spirit of conquest, innovation, trust and respect.

How will the innovation solve the problem we have identified?

AccorHotels has been leading a digital revolution for more than one year.

We want to go further downthis path with them. Our solution will enable AccorHotels group to create an onsite and online community, to better engage with it by communicating in an innovative way and to leverage individual sustainable actions.

We believe that the new customer app and the experience we suggest will change how guests interact with hotel environment and perceive eco-friendly actions. Because it brings altogether the key factors: passion, transparency, trust and respect.

What is each team member’s role in the project?

Diapositive2Loïse: In the team, I share my knowledge on digital and customer loyalty and explore what can be developed for AccorHotels. I have a creative approach and the ability to mix strong business acumen. I have worked on various projects ranging from product design to digital communities.

Noémie: I am passionate about sustainability, social business and innovation. I have an analytics approach and have various work experiences such as Sustainability Junior Manager for large companies. Thus, I never forget the focus on sustainable development for this special project.

As a team: Our passion in creating something meaningful starts with this project. We are eager to take up the Innovators Race challenge because we share the same vision and have complementary skills to succeed. We believe that together we will make it to the finals and turn our idea for the challenge into action. We are very proud to represent France with this project and can’t wait to see what the future holds! We hope to collect as many votes as possible to reach the grand finale.

If you want to support us and help us go further to develop our projetc, you can vote for us between March 14th and March 21st! Go on and vote for HeCO!

Ringing in the New Year with welcome and wishes of success for new exchange students at GEM.

It’s January in Grenoble! Which means snow-covered Alps, and a throbbing GEM campus with students eager to start the new semester after the holidays. The Center for International Affairs is happy to welcome more than 85 new international exchange students onto our Grenoble campus. Most of these students have arrived for a semester long exchange, and this year we have welcomed students from nations all over the globe including Canada, China, the United States, India and Singapore. Continue reading

Oui in Grenoble, the experience of an american student at GEM

When I look back at the time when I was deciding if I would enroll in a one-year exchange program at Grenoble École de Management, it’s hard for me to believe that I considered not coming here. I contemplated for good reasons such as putting off the beginning of my professional career for another year, but in the end, the benefits outweighed the costs. It sounds cliché (oui, oui) because it’s what any student who has ever studied abroad will tell you, but my experience here at GEM so far has been indescribable and better than I could have ever imagined.


Katie’s first day of classes at GEM

Why did you choose GEM?

My home university has a partnership with GEM, and so the Masters of Management exchange was an obvious choice for me due to the accessibility and correlation with my master degree in the US. A few of the deciding factors in my decision included the international atmosphere of the school, high rankings of my program, and the inclusiveness of the French culture with an academic environment. Many students from my university have completed this program in the past so I had several first hand personal testimonies to reference, which made my decision much easier.

I chose France for cultural aspects. I was in France for a short time 3 years ago on a one-month study abroad so I knew a bit of what living here would be like. Continue reading