Hidden secrets of Central Park

New-York, the financial capital of the world, the city of the most powerful corporations in the world, the city of Spider-man. New-York, the city that never sleeps. Still, in the heart of the city, everyone can discover one of the most beautiful and amazing park in the world. It’s where New Yorkers go to walk or play. It is where they go to get a breath of fresh air. Continue reading

An ordinary day at Simon Fraser University

It has been two months since we landed in Vancouver. We are closer to the end of the adventure than to its beginning, and our experience so far allows us to describe what a casual day at SFU looks like.

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Restaurants and Food in Vancouver

For French people, food is a serious matter. We always think about what we are going to eat throughout the day, and during our stay in Vancouver, this obsession has not disappeared… However, our eating habits are a bit different here, in British Columbia ! Here are some tips we want to share with you to get ready… Continue reading

Restaurant week in NYC: Good bargain for good food


“Life in New-York is too expensive” and “Americans don’t eat healthy at all” are maybe the two prejudices that we have the most heard before arriving in New York. As we are fond of good food, we were quite afraid to have to spend a lot of money to discover American culinary practices and to eat other things than fast food. That is why we have decided to find plans to eat better and cheaper. After an extensive research, Restaurant Week appeared to be the best solution to achieve this objective. (See the Website : http://www.nycgo.com/restaurant-week)  However, as a foreigner, it’s quite difficult to find this event because most of the time, it’s a word of mouth process. There is only few advertising for this special week and it was important for us to share with you our experience during this wonderful event. Continue reading

Advantages of being a Columbia student

As students of Columbia, we received the Columbia ID, which comes with many privileges. Thanks to the student ID, we have access to the many facilities at Columbia University including the 22 libraries, the dining halls, the 3-floor sport centre, swimming pool etc.columbia5Because I am very attached to culture, I love to get to know the cities I visit. To better understand the history of a city and its inhabitants, one should visit Continue reading