Business Week in NYC : WeiserMazars

We had the opportunity to visit the WeiserMazars corporate office in New York on Wednesday, February 22nd. There, we were very lucky to have the CEO and Chairman, Victor Wahba, two Human Resources managers, Jeanine Conlisk and Dana M. Barclay, a French Audit Senior Manager, Julie Petit, Brad Janes, and a French Audit Senior, Emmanuel Cesbron Lavau, talking about WeiserMazars and answering our questions.

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Business Week in NYC : Tiffany & Co

The need for an investor relations VP appeared 30 years ago when Tiffany & Co became a public company. Mark Aaron took on the challenge and successfully conducted the company’s IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Today, we had the honour of hearing Mark Aaron presenting his job and explain why Tiffany is such a historic and successful company.

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Business Week in Seattle: Geocaching

On Thursday, February 16th, we had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the company Geocaching located in the northwest suburb of Seattle. We were first given a tour to observe the workplace atmosphere, learn how the departments are organized and see how the company functions. Then, various employees (including one of the company’s founders Bryan Roth!) introduced us to their company. Continue reading

Transcontinental tracks and business weeks

As we are tired of seeing you frown and tell us: « The Transco project? Never heard of it! ». Therefore, we have decided to present you this amazing but yet not so well-known project.

What is the Business Week?

We are a team of ten students in charge of organizing a Business Week for every Transcontinental Track (Cambridge, Beijing, Vancouver and New York). Obviously, you may wonder what this Business Week really is about? Continue reading

Networking at Columbia University in NYC

Being a student at Columbia University offers great opportunities of expanding your friend or working network! What’s more it’s located in NYC which is one of the greatest city to do so as well.

At Columbia University, you get the chance of meeting American and foreign students from all over the world. It is highly recommended that Continue reading