Business Week in NYC: Société Générale

The NYC transcontinental class had the amazing opportunity to hear Charlotte Panchot, a project manager from Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking,  speak at Pace University. She spoke to us specifically about Société Générale in the United States and her own background.

Société Générale is one of the French banks that is most prominent in the US. It opened its first US office in 1938 and now has approximately 2,400 professionals working in six US cities. The bank’s main activity in the US is Corporate and Investment Banking.

Charlotte Panchot graduated from Rouen Business School in 2007. She had done one of her two 6-month internship at Société Générale in Paris. After she had graduated from Rouen Business School, she was able to do her VIE* at Société Générale in New York City as a financial controller. She mentioned that after having completed a VIE abroad, the law states that you must go back to France in order to remain in the same company. That is why she then spent four years in Paris. There, she held different positions thanks to the fact that Société Générale offers great opportunities for career progression. In Paris, she was a financial controller for two years and then became part of Société Générale’s consulting team. As soon as she won her greencard, she immediately talked to the Human Resources staff and asked to go back to Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking, NYC. She is now a project manager and is part of the American Human Resources team.

As a member of the Human Resources department, she gave us a few tips about our job search. Especially, she outlined the importance of using Linkedin in the US as she was always seeing Société Générale’s Human Resources team searching for new qualified associates on this social media platform. She also pointed out that referrals were of the utmost importance in the US. Moreover, she told us that completing a VIE after our graduation was the best option for gaining a work experience in NYC as a student. Even more as Société Générale and all the other banks have lots of positions on offer every year.

In conclusion, it was a great pleasure to meet Charlotte Panchot and to hear about Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking and its activities in the US. She shared her passion for New York City with us and explained that if we want to work in the US we have to be highly motivated and work as hard as possible. She said that as soon as she left NYC after her VIE, she knewn that she would come back to live there. Ultimately, she ended up coming back with a greencard. Therefore, her experience demonstrates that despite visa barriers, it is possible to turn our dreams into reality.

*VIE: French International Corporate Volunteer Program


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