Business Week NYC : A day with eBay

We discovered during this presentation that eBay’s goal is to create a more sustainable form of business that gives people the opportunity to develop their businesses. EBay is in partnership with millions of entrepreneurs, small businesses and individual sellers all over the world, enabling them to sell their product to someone else in the world with the technological support of the company through their website. As the team highlighted during the presentation, about 80 % of the products bought on eBay’s website are sold by businesses.

One of eBay’s objectives is to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses the opportunity to be present in new markets, create new income and improve their growth. For sellers, this is a chance to access the world’s most powerful commerce platform with millions of buyers in over 190 different countries with the critical resources, simple tools, and insightful data they need to grow their businesses. For buyers, this is access to one billion listings and a selection that ranges from new in-season to new last-season, used, refurbished and unique one-of-a-kind items.
EBay seems to be a very dynamic company that is constantly searching for new ways to continue to grow and to improve its service. Before going to this presentation, I really thought that eBay was only focusing on individual sellers selling their products to other person in the world. I didn’t see a real future for this company with all the competitors who appeared in this sector and the fact that some of the competitors, more local, are more user friendly (for example it is easier for French people to use a French website like eBay which will put them in contact with French sellers and make it easy for them to obtain their product). In fact, giving entrepreneurs and small businesses access to the website is a good way for the company to reinvigorate its activity. Not only does it bring in new users, but it also creates a positive impact on entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to increase the size of their market and buyers who want to find a wider range of products.

We were also very surprised to see how a company as big as eBay succeeds in keeping the start-up spirit in its corporate culture. For example, we noticed that there was no corporate dress code. In addition, we were welcomed with donuts from Dunkin’ donuts and coffee. EBay is not an exception to the tech corporate culture. As a consequence, when the company acquires and integrates other start-ups, they can work with eBay’s teams without “fit” issues.
One of the subjects we talked about during the question session was the way eBay is working to improve its value proposition for its customers by taking advantage of Big Data analysis. Thanks to the way they collect information and treat it, it is possible to know the profile of clients in real time and then to propose relevant items.

EBay probably has some bright days to come. Innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives are essential in the tech industry. They allow companies to succeed in the beginning and they will also ensure companies’ success in the future.

By Sofiane Hochart & Sebastien Hoarau


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