Business Week in NYC : WeiserMazars

We had the opportunity to visit the WeiserMazars corporate office in New York on Wednesday, February 22nd. There, we were very lucky to have the CEO and Chairman, Victor Wahba, two Human Resources managers, Jeanine Conlisk and Dana M. Barclay, a French Audit Senior Manager, Julie Petit, Brad Janes, and a French Audit Senior, Emmanuel Cesbron Lavau, talking about WeiserMazars and answering our questions.

Let’s remind you of WeiserMazars’ history.

Mazars is an audit, consulting and accounting group. It was created in 1940, in Rouen (France), by Robert Mazars. The company now operates in 79 countries through member firms and employs over 18,000 professionals. The company’s headquarters are in France. Each country is run independently.

Mazars Group is segmented into four regions:

  • Europe
  • America
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific

In 1921, Weiser started operating in the United States.

In 2010, Mazars merged with Weiser, an audit and advisory firm with a strong presence in the north-eastern region of the USA. This merger created WeiserMazars.

WeiserMazars has three service lines: Accounting (40% of Revenue), Tax (38%) and Consulting (22%).

WeiserMazars has had uninterrupted growth. In 2016, Mazars Group earned 1,365.4 million euros of revenue, Europe 934 millions euros and the North America realised 182.1 million euros. The same year, there was a double digit growth in all four regions. In the last twenty years, WeiserMazars was in charge of 25 organizations that have merged.

WeiserMazars’ vision is to provide diverse and rewarding experiences to their people, clients and to the community they served. Its mission is to increase its presence in the USA. Since Texas is the fastest growing region, WeiserMazars wants to increase its presence there.

WeiserMazars is not as famous as Mazars in France. As everything is based on reputation, their goal is never to sacrifice quality!

The meeting started with two Human Resources managers: Jeanine Conlisk and Dana M. Barclay. They gave a brief presentation on the company.

Then, we had a presentation about WeiserMazars by the CEO and Chairman Victor Wahba. He is a charismatic man who climbed the ladder of Mazars USA. In fact, he started as an intern in the company. He then became a partner specializing in Fashion apparel. For ten years, he was a member of the Executive Board. Then, he was nominated as CEO and Chairman of WeiserMazars. He is the fifth CEO of the organization.

Victor Wahba emphasized on diversity, team and collaboration that are driven by Association, Respect and Excellence. People and culture are essential. That’s why, there are frequent teambuilding initiatives and for one day each year, the office is closed for employees to volunteer in an association or in a community.

Furthermore, we met Julie Petit, a French Audit Senior Manager, Brad Janes, a UK Audit Senior and Emmanuel Cesbron Lavau, a French Audit Senior.

Julie Petit transferred to WeiserMazars from Mazars, Paris, five years ago. She described her work in details and explained how she was transferred to New York. She also dealt with work-life balance and expatriation challenges.

As the two Audit Seniors both started as interns in the Mazars Group, they spoke about their internships and explained how they were transferred to New York. In order to be able to pursue their career in the USA, Emmanuel Cesbron Lavau had to take the CPA (Certificate Public Accounting) because the DCG (Diplôme de Comptabilité et de Gestion) or the DECF (Diplôme d’Etudes Comptables et Financières) are not recognized in the USA.

The main differences between WeiserMazars and Mazars in France are the fact that you have to travel more through the USA and that you quickly get to know everyone the New York based company is much smaller than the French headquarters.

Every employee that we met told us that if we wanted to work at Mazars in New York, it would be easier to start as an intern at the Paris headquarters and then transfer to the USA.

The meeting ended with the two HR representatives explaining us the procedure to get an internship at WeiserMazars. As there is only one intern position, it’s very competitive for French students.It is therefore difficult but not impossible to get an internship at Mazars in New York!

The whole class really enjoyed the meeting with WeiserMazars, and we all received a bag containing gifts.

Thank you to WeiserMazars and the GP team for their time !

Article by Flore-Anne Ré, Léa Battaglini, Laetitia Raymond and Marine de Blauwe.


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