Business Week in NYC: Deloitte Consulting LLP

Testimonies of three students specialized in Finance

Through this article, Enora, Alexandre and Guillaume will give you their feelings about Deloitte and the consulting’s industry.

“Sylvain Parquier and Wahid Saadaoui from Deloitte Consulting shared their career history and knowledge with us.

It was interesting to hear their experiences at Deloitte in France and in the US and how different their experiences could be, based on the country, which naturally could be depending on the country, which naturally do not have the same culture.

They also shared  their background with us and explained how they achieved their current positions. They both tookdifferent paths. Indeed Sylvain Parquier did a VIE at Marc Jacobs in the US while the other worked mainly in France before coming to NYC. Their internships differed too (Sylvain in corporate finance and Wahid in market finance). There is no perfect path to working at Deloitte. Different backgrounds are what make the company attractive and profitable.

They finally talked about what they currently do at Deloitte. Personally , I do not know yet what I will do after my first internship as financial auditor during my gap year. Therefore, hearing directly from them was helpful.”


To me, the time we had with the two Deloitte employees in New York was the highlight of the week. The meeting was very uncasual and it made me realize that those people (who seem to be inaccessible) are in fact very friendly and ready to help us in search for jobs or internships.

They gave us great advice on the way to conduct our internship search in New York or France and they also  very clearly explained their job as member of the US Deloitte counselling department.

The fact that both speakers were French and that one of them was a former GEM student helped  to create a friendly atmosphere. They were also young (between 25 and 28) so it was easy to identify with them.

It was a great experience for me because I want to work in a big accounting firm and I had concerns about the work environment. It seems that the work environment is a little less strict than what I had imagined.


“To me, it was undeniably the best presentation of the Business Week. Sylvain and Wahid are two passionate employees and they managed to pass on their love for their job and for the US to us.

Contrary to many of my classmates, I do not want to work in the Banking industry. I am going to do the first part of my internship in a Big 4 Auditing Firm, and then I would love to move into Strategy Consulting at a Consulting company. Consequently, this meeting was a golden opportunity to learn more about this profession.

They gave us some tips on the different paths we can take to finding a job in this sector: Audit, Transaction Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity… The most important thing is to be able to write our story, and bring our own impacts on the different organizations.

We also learnt the missions of Deloitte Strategy Consultants, the different steps of the process, the types of clients, of competitors and the recruitment process.

This last company ended the Business Week on a high note. A big thank you for the GP Business Week and to the coordinator – Julien Dudgeon”.

By Enora Manac’h, Alexandre Fajfrowski and Guillaume Roque


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