Restaurants and Food in Vancouver

For French people, food is a serious matter. We always think about what we are going to eat throughout the day, and during our stay in Vancouver, this obsession has not disappeared… However, our eating habits are a bit different here, in British Columbia ! Here are some tips we want to share with you to get ready…

  1. Prices

As we are students and now adults, we are supposed to handle our monthly budget carefully. In Canada, you should not look at the prices the same way as in France! Indeed, because the exchange rate is in favour of Euro ($5CAN is approximately equal to 3,5€), you could believe that everything is cheaper, but taxes (15%) are not included in the prices. Also, when you go to restaurants, you HAVE to leave at least a 15% tip. We made the mistake to forget this the first time we went downtown for a brunch. The waitress was really upset… For more information please read the following article:

To sum up, don’t forget taxes and leave a 15% tip !

  1. Type of food

In Vancouver, supermarkets are not so different compared to France, but you should forget some typical French food such as real cheeses which are really expensive and real baguettes which are not available everywhere… Meat is also really expensive. Some vegetables are oversized compare to those we have in French stores.

Don’t worry ! During your stay in Vancouver, you will have the opportunity to try new dishes: maple syrup of course (not only on pancakes…), poutine, cinnamon rolls, donuts, scones… On top of that, if you plan to live in townhouses, your international roommates will help you discover new cultures through their specialty dishes.

  1. Best places to go

Groceries : We advise you to go to Walmart or Safeway. They offer a large choice and good prices. Both are close to the campus. If you are addicted to bread, you can go to Cobs where you can find a great variety of cereal and seeds loaves. If you are looking for real « French » bread, you can go to the market of Grandville Island where you will also find a lot of fresh food, international and local food.

Restaurants: When you are tired of cooking on the campus, you will probably go downtown to satisfy your appetite! We have tested some places and here are our preferences:

We will let you complement the list. We hope that you will enjoy our few suggestions! Enjoy your trip!

By Audrey Inizan & Julie Viudes


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