Transcontinental tracks and business weeks

As we are tired of seeing you frown and tell us: « The Transco project? Never heard of it! ». Therefore, we have decided to present you this amazing but yet not so well-known project.

What is the Business Week?

We are a team of ten students in charge of organizing a Business Week for every Transcontinental Track (Cambridge, Beijing, Vancouver and New York). Obviously, you may wonder what this Business Week really is about? Well, during one week, the Transco students get the opportunity to visit local or international companies and exchange with influent managers. Meeting LinkedIn, Bloomberg, Microsoft or Airbus, some of our partners last year, make your dreams come true! It may be a great change to give your résumé.

For example, we organized the business week in the Cambridge transcontinental programme. It was a real challenge for the whole team as it was the first business week for the Cambridge programme. After many refusals, some too short nights and an ounce of despair we finally succeeded and found two guest speakers.  This victory was fittingly celebrated by everyone in the team! Moreover, these guest speakers were excellent!

Our first guest was Steve Mc Grady who works for CBMSc, a management consulting firm. The second one was Nick Kalavas from CFM, a communication agency providing marketing, social media and digital solutions.

Based on testimonials from the students, this experience was a real success and was worth the investment.

Marine : « Precise, applicable and interesting for us. Excellent speaker. Good job description. Awesome! »

Antoine : « So interesting ! Good theoretical part. The share of his experience was fascinating. ».

This was such a good sign for the next business week!

And then, for the second-year students who were packing their suitcase, we worked hard to offer an  amazing business week in NYC and Vancouver. Eytan negotiated with Universalis and Jennie regularly called Tiffany and Co for NYC. We couldn’t wait to reveal our new casting!

The team :

First of all, if we decided to work on this Management project (GP), this was not because we were a bunch of good friends pleased to be spending time together! No! This is just because this project made all of us dream!

Given this information, you probably wonder if we get along well. We do have strong personalities, which means it could have been an explosive mix, but for the moment we get along. We even like each other a lot (you could argue that the end of the year has not arrived yet and anything could happen, but I’m hopeful).

Now, let us introduce the team:

  1. The Business division :searching for these companies which make you dream. Nyla (the project leader), with her double French-American nationality, handles English perfectly as well as Jenny and Eytan, both in English track too. Aurélie and Adel complete the team. Both of them are very good negotiators which is more than useful.
  1. In the Communication division are Alexis and Charlotte. They are in charge of promoting the project and frankly this is not always easy. So, do not hesitate to “like” our Transcogem page and our Instagram account.
  1. In the Logistic division, Myriam and Lea are responsible for checking that our AMDEC, GANTT and WBS are always perfect.
  1. And last but not least, Delphine, our HR, who keeps an eye open to avoid conflicts in the team!

The Transco GP Team


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