Restaurants and Food in Vancouver

For French people, food is a serious matter. We always think about what we are going to eat throughout the day, and during our stay in Vancouver, this obsession has not disappeared… However, our eating habits are a bit different here, in British Columbia ! Here are some tips we want to share with you to get ready… Continue reading


Vancouver, Greenest City by 2020

January, 2nd 2017

We took the bus #145, from SFU to the skytrain station and one stop later, we arrived at Lougheed Mall Centre. With empty bags and a list of items, we walked towards our main destination: Walmart. Continue reading

Visits at Tiffany & Co, Fresh Planet, Mazars, Deloitte, Ebay…an amazing business week in NYC

The class specializing in finance at Pace University in New York City had the privilege to visit prestigious companies in New York as well as welcoming guest speakers on the program at the university.  This was a wonderful chance for us in terms of seizing networking, internship and job opportunities. Continue reading

Transcontinental tracks and business weeks

As we are tired of seeing you frown and tell us: « The Transco project? Never heard of it! ». Therefore, we have decided to present you this amazing but yet not so well-known project.

What is the Business Week?

We are a team of ten students in charge of organizing a Business Week for every Transcontinental Track (Cambridge, Beijing, Vancouver and New York). Obviously, you may wonder what this Business Week really is about? Continue reading

Transcontinental tracks : another way to study abroad

The following video gives an overview of the transcontinental tracks offered at Grenoble Ecole de Management. These programs could be a start for a future international career.