Innovation Business Week : live the French life for 2 weeks


At the beginning of January, 22 students from Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill and The George Washington University joined the short program: Innovation Business Week. Through these programs, Grenoble Ecole de Management offers another approach of business concepts and applications, the European approach, and allows students to participate in new innovative learning models like the serious games.

What is the Innovation Business Week: Short Program?

The innovation business week is a program of 10 days designed for our partner institutions. The aim of this Grenoble winter school is to help students to discover technology management in a specific European business environment. The Innovation Business Week is a mixture of classes, company visits and culture events. ‘We opened these tailor-made programs to a selected group of international partner institutions in order to bring high-level MBA and Master students from these institutions together’, said Martin Zahner, Associate Director of International Affairs.

Why in Grenoble ?

More and more students are looking for an international experience to add to their resume and their personal accomplishment. For many of them who work Full-Time and study Half-Time, the short program is a nice way to integrate the international aspect to their profile.


The localization is another reason of the students’ choice. Smaller and less touristic than Paris, Grenoble is the perfect spot for students to be closer to the French culture by visiting local restaurant and stores, and by meeting French people.


Besides, strategy and innovation are for them a plus to their profile and academic process. Indeed, Grenoble has been a technology hub for many years and Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) is known as a business school specialized in technology, innovation and internationalization. Innovation and Technology is not only in the DNA of GEM, but also in the genetic make-up of the majority of the companies that have settled in Grenoble since the late sixties. Synergies have been created between the world of business and the world of education and it has become natural to share this knowledge with high caliber students in our programs.

 Cultural activities

During their stay, the students have been initiated to the French culture by an introduction course and also had the opportunity to ski and taste the French cuisine.

According to the students, the French culture experience was one of the most appreciated.

Neslted in the French Alps, Grenoble is a famous destination for skiing. Through this program, some students enjoyed the beauty of the Alps with a ski day in Courchevel. Hoster of the 1992 winter Olympics, Courchevel is knowned as one of the most prestigious and luxurious ski resort in France. During that day, student also had the chance to see the Mont-Blanc.


Recommended by all, the short program is a nice way to integrate the international experience! ‘’Come with an open mind and live the French life for 2 weeks’’


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