Life at Beihang University

This article will talk about the life at Beihang University. We will explain to you what you have to know about your life here (everyday life).


Beautiful view from our room at the 11th floor of Da Yun Cun

Da Yun Cun

The campus has different dormitories for international students: our dormitory is Da Yun Cun, in the building 10. Students have “apartment” for 4 people, with 2 rooms (you’ll share it with another student) and 2 bathrooms.

You can’t cook in the apartment (there is no kitchen) and can’t drink the water if you don’t want bad stomach reaction ;).  You don’t need adaptor for your electronic goods.

Don’t be surprised when you arrive in your room, you’ll have to clean it up (unfortunately, not everybody is as well-groomed as us!). Everything you need for cleaning can be found at Walmart (huge supermarket, 10 minutes by walk).

The first thing you need to do is to start electricity: you have to ask the office 304 on the third floor, they will explain how to proceed.

Studies at Beihang

You’ll have all your courses in the same classroom at Beihang International School (15 minutes by foot from Da Yun Cun Dormitory). All the transcontinental track and Chinese courses are given here.

The Chinese teacher is Mrs Bai. You can ask her everything you need and she’ll  help you (questions about passport, visa, schedule etc).

The university library is just near the International School. There are different floors to work and there is also a cafeteria on the ground 0 (useful during the breaks!).


Nice park campus!


At Beihang, you have multiple choices to enjoy an excellent Chinese meal. But be aware, Chinese food in France has nothing to do with real Chinese food! In the morning, you can go in the street just under our dormitories and have 2-kyai baozi with meat or vegetables inside. For lunch, as we do not have time to go too far away, the campus canteen is a great choice. With four levels, it offers you so many choices and you won’t be able to taste everything! It is very cheap and delicious, in one word awesome! For dinner, you can still go to the canteen if you’re running out of kyai but there are lots of great restaurants around the campus. Don’t stop at KFC but keep walking a little bit and you’ll find many great things to eat. If you go the opposite way, there is another street with other great restaurants, just in front of the food truck street. Do not be afraid of hygiene, Chinese restaurants may look weird but are very good.


Our favourite food truck


A little spicy at the beginning but so good!

Sport facilities

If you want to evacuate all the fat you swallowed, what better option than doing sport? At Beihang, students have the possibility to do any kind of sport they want. However, it’s often busy and the legendary shotgun at GEM will come in handy here. We often run on the stadium with other students but pollution prevented us from doing sport several times.

Internet & phone

If you thought GEM Wi-Fi was the worst in the world, you may be surprised! You can find Wi-Fi almost everywhere on the campus and in all restaurants and shops in Beijing. However, it is often random. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and you will just have to grin and bear it. In any case, if you can’t do without Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or any Google services, you have to subscribe to a VPN to have access to these websites because of censorship (Express VPN or MonVPN for example).

During your first days in Beijing, a student from the international students association brings you to a shop to buy a cheap SIM card. But in China, everybody uses an app which is called WeChat to communicate and call people.


Beijing Transcontinental Track class: 2016

(By Chloé BUTTARD, Chloé CAMP and Victor HAMMOUD)


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