“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of”


New York City. 8.4 million people walking down the streets. It can be hard to live here. Especially in Times Square. During rush hour. On a cold rainy day.

But when you get away from the bustle of Wall Street, from the bright signs of Times Square and finally make your way through the tunnels of the dusty and super-heated subway, you can finally take a second to gaze at the iconic city’s neighborhoods and breathtaking streets.


These picturesque residential streets will not only blow your mind but also make you feel like a movie star. Because here you are! In New York! The city where Harry met Sally, where 12 angry men is better than two ones, where Mr. & Mrs Smith fell in love (despite their recent divorce), where John Travolta gave us fever on a Saturday night with his terrific disco moves, where Robert De Niro was definitely talkin’ to me, and where you’re gonna live forever, baby, remember my name! Fame! Trust me: when you walk down these streets, you feel that thing.

Nobody goes to the Big Apple for peace and quiet. Everybody here wants to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep. As a matter of fact, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is always something occurring and something to do, even the weirdest things ever. Simply name it, Brooklyn has it!

But for me, the thing that strikes me here and makes my stay meaningful is the inspiration that New York is blowing. I can’t turn around without seeing something that inspires me: an epic graffiti on a wall, a majestic residential building covered with ivy, a guy wearing an ‘out-ofnowhere’ outfit, a dog with a californian curly haircut, an old man singing (like) Otis Redding in the subway… Besides, everyone has a story. There is inspiration in every person you meet: the taxi driver, the barista in Starbucks, the concierge working at your entrance’s building and obviously the people you meet at Columbia University. New York is for sure one of the most dynamic places. Inspiration is everywhere. An endless inspiration. No wonder this city has galvanized so many great people!


But living in New York is like dating a rock-star: difficult to seduce at first time, very intense once you got it, but if it lasts, then you’re a legend.

In New York, more than anywhere else, your limits will be tested: limits of your patience when you get stuck 40 minutes within the subway, limits of your astonishment when you visit very tiny, messy and dusty 1200-dollar-rent apartment, limits of your consternation when you watch the first presidential debate, limits of your anger when your MTA card is stuck in the machine while your 100-dollar payment has been accepted…

It probably sounds cliché but when you think about it, New York remains a tough city. 8.4 million people walking down the streets. 8.4 million people pursuing their American Dream. If you can survive here and build yourself up, the experience you will get will be invaluable.

And remember: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. That’s what they say.



(By Amanda Bruimaud)
Photo credit to Antoine Colpeart (instagram @antoinecolpy)


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