Getting back to Beijing

Mrs Bai and GEM students

The third and final transcontinental track kicks off for the fall semester.

p1030450For the 5th year, 25 students arrived in bustling Beijing to begin their semester in the Transcontinental Beihang University. Students were quickly immerged into the campus environment upon their arrival and wasted no time getting started with all the formalities. Two members of the International Affairs team, Joëlle Silvestre and Mélanie Farissier, were there to assist them with the dormitory check-in and other processes. Additionally, a warm welcome was given by Mrs Bai, a Chinese Professor at Beihang, who provided much support to the students in the first days.

Along with the formalities the students attended an opening ceremony organised by Beihang University which was followed by a tour of the campus.

img_0025During this semester, the curriculum corresponds to the core courses of the second year at GEM, however, the students will have the chance to interact with Chinese students in class.

Apart from the courses, students will have the opportunity to discover the Chinese way of life, just in time for the Moon Festival!



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