Back in Cambridge: rain or shine

For the second year, Downing College, University of Cambridge, will welcome a group of 24 students for another transcontinental semester.

Located in one of the oldest British institutions, students will start their semester focusing on global management mainly devoted to the core courses of the English track with a touch of local flavour.

8x9a7110To start the program, students participated in a group challenge consisting of a quiz on Cambridge in order to become more acclimated with the environment and its treasures. Indeed Cambridge is made up of several individual colleges with Downing College being the nest for this transcontinental track.

8x9a7063Because of the university’s location in a high-tech business cluster, GEM students will have the opportunity to combine their studies with insights from the local professionals. The studies themselves will be conducted by professors from GEM and Cambridge.

Apart from this intellectual journey the students will have access to the typical Cambridge clubs and activities such as rowing and punting along with many others.

The students will be back with more updates as Autumn comes and the leaves begin to fall…


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