Recap: GEMove International Allocation Day – February 2016

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A few weeks ago, students of GEM gathered excitedly in the auditorium for the GEMove International Allocation Day. One by one, over 500 students were called by name in order to choose their study abroad destination for next year – one of the biggest decisions in their lives so far. The Allocation was led by Mark Thomas, the Associate Dean & Director of International Affairs. Along with the team behind the system application, Mark called each student who awaited an allocation one by one, providing guidance, direction and even tele-consultation when it deemed necessary.

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The Allocation itself consisted of more than 500 applicants, which began last October with the information campaign. Students could choose up to 10 universities on their application. Similar to the previous years, some of the most popular destinations were China, The United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Germany and the USA. Here’s a glance at the number of students who were allocated to the top 8 countries of the 34 total countries:

Capture graph top OUT
There was no shortage of emotions on the day of the allocation. From happy yet nervous to excited and relieved, the energy in the auditorium could be felt by all in attendance. Have a look at few of the many expressions and relive the day with us for a minute.

Pic 4
From nerves, excitement and decisions…

Pic 5
…to applause and contagious smiles.

Pic 6
Some selections consisted of a simple “oui” followed by “un”, “deux” or “an” meaning first/second semester or the full year. Others took a bit more contemplation and consultation.

Pic 7
With over 125 partner schools, students have options to study nearly anywhere in the world. However, on the allocation day itself, the placement depends on where each student applied for and if there are still spots remaining for their first choice when it was their turn. In the end, whichever university they choose, it is our hope that each student is matched to a country and study of interest. It is sure that wherever they go, they will learn a lot, experience a new culture and grow as individuals and professionals.

Pic 8
GEMove on the Mezz:

GEMOVE propo 5 gemove bleu-01

Pic 9
After the students chose their school, they headed over to the mezzanine for some fun and relaxation.
In addition to the allocation events in the auditorium, the GEMove party continued with a reception on the Mezzanine. There were games a plenty with a foosball contest and a photobooth with custom destination themes and a basket full of props so students could strike a pose after receiving their allocation. There were also hangout spots for colleagues and friends to reconvene along with a gaming corner for more friendly competition.

Pic 10
Food, friends, fun and more. At the end of the afternoon, the winners of the photo contest and foosball tournament took home a special prize. Fun was had by all, the GEMove party helped seize such a special moment in the lives of the students.

Pic 11
Logistics behind the Day

It’s true that the whole day couldn’t have been possible without the people behind all of the preparation for the day. Although the setup was just one task of the several months of preparation, the team of students, whom were led by Andrea Yesilada (Incoming students Coordinator), Mélanie Farissier (Outgoing students Coordinator), Joëlle Silvestre (Head of Exchange programs), the Academic Advisors and the rest of the Center for International Affairs’ staff worked hard to make the day seamless and unforgettable.

Thanks to the help received from the different departments of GEM on the day of the allocation, this event was a success for the students who attended.

Pic 12

GEMove was truly a “journée à ne pas oublier” – a day not to be forgotten.

Louise, Antoine, Marie-Claire and Laurie share their impressions about GEMove in our next article. Stay tuned !


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