A Hello from a rainy but warm and welcoming city, Vancouver !

universityWhen arriving to Canada, we had great ice breaking days where we met our coordinator Julia, our main professor Sharka and our class mates. Among them, we are lucky to have 3 great Canadian charming people. We discovered the beauty of the city by having dinner to that magnificent place that gave us a splendid view of Olympic game.

We didn’t expect to be that well welcomed with lots of visits of the town, activities, in a nutshell, great atmosphere and awesome organization.  We kind of really feel spoiled sometimes. Lucky us! We have the possibility to be really active in the city, in spite its distance with the campus located in Burnaby. While some run around the Burnaby Mountain, many go daily to the big fitness club (huge place and free… it’s Canada!), some go to the rugby every Tuesday, some to soccer, some to squash, some to salsa dance, while I’ll go for example to Hip Hop class and Impro Comedy Class. There’s plenty of activities that we are able to do, all we have to do is choose. Besides, as we live on campus in the residences, there’s at least 3 events organized by the student society per week, we therefore literally have no time for being bored. It can be free pizza party, movie night, go to a Hockey game or even South Korean basic word class.


A taste of true Canadian culture: Ice Hockey!

Students from the Transcontinental Track  attending Simon Fraser University

Beautiful Vancouver cityscape

There’s also so many things to do in the city, you can get involved to causes that you’re attached to, work as a volunteer, go to the Vancouver Art Gallery, go skiing to Whistler, have a delicious Poutine or a French Vanilla, spend the week end in Vancouver Island, spend a bright Sunday walking to the most beautiful bridge on earth, get lost to flyover Canada, that makes you fly around all beautiful places of the country in an immersive reality (as Disney Land).


Anuchika enjoying the beautiful wilderness

Sunset over the Vancouver skyline

Innovation at every corner

The Transcontinental Track of Sustainable Entrepreneurship thrilled us as we have the amazing opportunity to hear from incredible speakers that have innovative ideas and inspiring stories that they’re all always happy to share. For example, Michael Moll, founder of “my green space” created a company that enables people to grow their own food. We welcomed also the co-founder of one of the information website that gets most of the digital traffic in Canada : VancityBuzz. We have been visiting great companies which core values are to be social innovative and sustainable towards people and environment.

post it

So was also the case of the companies we visited in Seattle such as Slalom, Bill & Melinda Foundation, Microsoft…etc. It’s been an exciting adventure to learn so much from those companies. It has definitely been a betterment for all students. Mostly, because we were given advices that we could directly apply to our project we currently work on. The course is also exciting as we get to be real social entrepreneurs, we are not just standing or sitting in a chair, listening carefully to what the teachers has to say (even though when it’s the case, we do listen), we also get to the concrete, the action, the emulation, the ups and downs, we get our hands dirty, but in a real positive and enthusiastic way. So is this amazing semester that ends really soon but which teachings and experience memories will certainly last as we get older in our entrepreneurship career, or in our every days life as entrepreneurs souls. Because we don’t just learn to be entrepreneurs with the course and the international experience, we also learn to grow as individuals.


The group at one of their company visits



(By Anuchika Stanislaus)




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