Anticipation, Excitement and Futures: GEMove International Allocation Day


The GEMove International Allocation Day, a very special day for many students at Grenoble École de Management, is approaching quickly and the excitement of the day is rising as each day draws nearer. On February 3, more than 500 applicants will choose where they will spend their semester / one-year study abroad or double degree next year. There will be many emotions present on the day of the event as this is such an important day in the lives of many students at GEM. The Center for International Affairs has been working very hard behind-the-scenes to ensure a seamless process for the outgoing students.

One of the students on the organizing committee for the event, Claire Barbat, gave us some insights into the preparations for the day. Claire is assisting with treasury operations and business relationships for the event activities and other materials for the event. We asked Claire about the importance of the event and the the overall goal of the organizing team’s project,

 “The goal was to organize a fun and friendly event so people can enjoy the day (the day is very stressful and is a very special time for the students), and capture the moment.”

The team of 10 students within a project management class at GEM along with Andrea Yesilada, the Coordinator of Incoming Students, have been preparing for this day since October. They began by dividing the tasks and brainstorming ideas for the event’s activities. Claire said that many of the individuals on the planning team, including herself, chose the project because they are interested in the international aspect of the event and also because it is such a big moment in the students’ lives. The team has worked very well together to organize a fun day. Claire says it has been both challenging and rewarding for them as they have worked very hard for everything to come together smoothly. They have learned a lot along the way within the fast-paced environment.

Final Affiche International allocation day horizontal

The main event of the day, which is the allocation of the applicants’ study destinations for next year, starts at 11:30 on February 3 in the auditorium of the school. The other activities start at 10am on the Mezzanine. The events include a baby foot (foosball) tournament and a photo booth with a contest for best photo. There will also be music, a buffet of delicious eats and treats and a chill resting space for students to hang out before and after their appointment in the auditorium. Claire noted that many of the students who will be participating are currently on their gap year so they will be reuniting with their friends and colleagues at the event too. Although the students who applied for allocation are the main attraction of the day, all students of GEM are invited and encouraged to join in on the fun and celebrations.

Last year, the top destinations were China, the United Kingdom and Canada among many other countries around the world. This year, there will be international students at the event sharing their experiences and information about their home universities to help increase the excitement for participants. The GEMove International Allocation Day is approaching very quickly and we couldn’t be more eager to watch the anticipation of the occasion unfold!

(by Katie Tebbe)


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