Transcontinental Track in New York: GEM cooperates with the US-Ivy League Columbia University

ColumbiaUnder the direction of Mark Thomas (Associate Dean & Director of International Affairs) teachings will be conducted by professors of GEM and resident professors to ensure students get the same theoretical content as they receive in France combined with regional education in the area of studying. In order to fulfill the demand for American culture, the International Affairs department is proud to announce a further common best-in-class Transcontinental Track program with one of the US-Ivey League members – the Columbia University in New York. If you like to see the world in one place, New York would be the most convincing option. Besides being a commercial power house, the city is an educational hub with huge international student population.

Universities like NYU and Columbia have close 10,000 international students each for every academic year.

The city is highly cosmopolitan with people from different cultural backgrounds speaking different languages on the streets. As you walk down almost any street, and you may hear fifteen different languages spoken and could trace within glimpse of an eye at least couple of cross continental restaurants with exotic hoardings. People experiencing culture shocks are quite normal. All these make New York an excellent sGraduationtudy destination for international students, especially for business students as the city gives a diverse culture exposure which a student could not get elsewhere.

Starting from September 2016, final year master students of GEM will have an opportunity to live in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights studying Geopolitics. The Columbia University was founded in 1754 and is the fifth oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. Several notable alumni such as Warren Buffet, Barack Obama or Franklin D. Rossevelt visited this venerable institution.

In 2015 the University was ranked under the top #4 of best national colleges next to Stanford, Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

As part of the big Columbia community, students have access to the resources of major urban universitClassroomy comprising 16 separate schools, 22 libraries, and four affiliated institutions. In addition they have the opportunity to participate in a range of extracurricular activities with direct relevance to their field of study. The students will have to take up two compulsory courses proposed by GEM a nd which will be taught by GEM professors at Columbia. The core courses focusing the readings of “Competitive thought process in geopolitics”, “Geopolitics as intelligence: political and social risk management”. Whilst the former is a lecture supported by case studies of failures caused by ideological competition and the latter is about giving students methods and information processing techniques to permit excellent understanding and forecasting of national, regional or international issues and development. Building

In addition, students have the opportunity of choosing optional course modules which will be taught by the faculty of Columbia University. The optional courses may include International Politics, Century Issues – American Foreign Policy, Politics & Policy Community Plan & Participation, International Trade, Environmental Politics, Inequality & Poverty, Logic Limits Economic Justice and Political Economy of South Asia. Overall, the semester at Columbia will offer GEM students the possibility to study, live in a rarefied climate of international academic excellence and incomparable practical influence.


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