IQS Students Having an International Experience at GEM

During November and December 2015, Grenoble Ecole de Management and the Institut Quimic Sarria (IQS) have offered a group of students the opportunity to study in France. The students will attend courses like Digital Marketing, Social Marketing, EU Policies, Economics and Business and Strategic in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. The universities have this agreement since 2011, offering the students the opportunity to have an international experience.

Victor Cuatre Casas Clemente, Edgar Bravo Izquierdo, Daniel Gancera Isabel, Silje Lie and Jahaira Vazquez Rodriguez shared with us their first impressions and expectations about the programme.


From left to right: Joëlle Silvestre, Oana Schaal, Martin Zahner, the students from IQS and Andrea Yesilada

Why did you choose GEM? 

Silje: I have a friend who did an exchange to GEM a couple of years ago and she told me about her experiences and I got a very good impression of your University. So, when I learned that my University in Barcelona offered an exchange to GEM I had no doubts about coming here.

Jahaira: I come from Puerto Rico and I was looking for Masters in Europe and programs that combine 2 or more countries if possible to have an international experience. One of the reasons to choose the Master program in Spain was because of the opportunity to study at GEM too. I made my research and I know that GEM is a very prestigious and accredited school in France and around the world. I was looking for accredited and good schools in businesses. The program at IQS, Spain was a really good option because of the International Marketing subjects and the opportunity to have different experiences in 2 different countries, especially in France.

What are your expectations about this experience? 

Edgar: To learn from each course that I’m taking at GEM and share this experience with my classmates.

Victor: I would like to improve my marketing skills and knowledge while I am here in Grenoble.

Daniel: I expect from this course to learn about some topics that were not offered in my University and live a good experience living for a short period in another country.

Jahaira: *Knowledge – be able to understand and get knowledge from the classes in GEM. Learn, adapt, share, and repeat

*International experience – meet new people, new professors, new school and teaching system.

*Cultural exchange – share with different people our point of views, life, preferences, immersion etc… New city, new country!


Did you have any previous experiences in France? 

Victor: I never studied in France, but I visited the country several times. I will learn a lot from my classmates because I have the opportunity to work with people from all over the world.

Daniel: I’ve studied at the “Lycée Français de Barcelone” (LFB) before going to University. Apart from that I have only been in France for holidays or visiting family and friends.

Jahaira: Yes! I spent a month in Paris in 2009 studying the French language. I took a course about French Civilization in La Sorbonne. It was a fabulous experience that motivated me to come back to study in France again. Now, here I am again. I am very happy with this different experience in another phase of my life.

Silje: No, this is actually my first time in France. I have always wanted to go so I got very excited when I realized that I could come to Grenoble as an exchange student.


Students in their welcome session

Main differences that you have found between France and Spain (especially in the classrooms). 

Edgar: There are not many differences between them.

Daniel: Classes are more practical and dynamic here than in Spain. Also, the teamwork is different since here the groups are bigger and with more people from different nationalities. I think that the learning system is quite different since in France we don’t simply learn the things, but the teachers give us many tools and knowledge that helps us to understand and learn all the things that we see in class on our own.

Silje: I guess that the main difference from our University in Barcelona is that the classes we have there is a bit smaller (we are 15 people in each class). The classes here are not that much bigger, but the difference is that we have classes with people who do different master degrees. Also, the structure of the teaching is different as we have 5 hours of classes every day in Barcelona. Here at GEM it is scheduled at different hours during the week. I did my undergraduate degree in Edinburgh in Scotland and I would say that the teaching here at GEM is very similar to the one I had there.

We would like to thank the students for their testimonials and wish them a great time here in Grenoble.

Interview done by Gabriela Leyva, Communication Assistant, Center for Intenational Affairs.


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