New General Consul of China Visited GEM and Met with Chinese Students

On April 22, Ms. Wang JU, the new General Consul of People’s Republic of China and her team visited Grenoble Ecole de Management and had a face to face conversation with Chinese students.

IMG_6466_meitu_1Mr. Loick Roche, Dean of GEM introduced the overall facts of GEM to Ms. Wang and Mr. Martin Zahner the Associate Director of International Affairs updated Ms. Wang with the latest development of international programs at GEM and especially the condition of Chinese students at GEM.

Later in the afternoon, Ms. Wang had an open face to face talk with Chinese students and expressed her most important concern in terms of their study, safety and employment. Ms. Wang encouraged all the Chinese students to better engage in the English and French speaking environment and take advantages to the precious opportunity overseas to absorb as much as knowledge possible. In the networkingmeanwhile, the Chinese embassy would try its best to ensure the safety of each student in the Rhone-Aples areas. As one the biggest challenge for the Chinese students in France is to find internship or employment. Ms. Wang said, on one hand, the students should always try their best efforts to improve the French skills. On the other hand, it would be better to use the networking of the alumni, corporate and association to fight for more chances.

KITLogo_outlinesA sweet tip from Ms. Wang, there is an old Chinese saying “When children travel far from home, mothers never stop worrying.” It is always an effortless action to keep in touch with parents or families to update them that you are having both fun and safe.


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