GEM Students’ Active Participation in Jeunes Ambassadeurs Program

Maison de l’International Grenoble, Le Sappey-en-Chartreuse, Le Synchrotron de Grenoble and others attractive places in the Rhone-Alps Region have welcomed the passionate students of both GEM and other member schools from CCI (the Chamber of Commerce and Industry) thanks to the Jeunes Ambassadeurs Program.


A quality network of international relations for local businesses – Jeunes Ambassadeurs Program

logo-jeunes-ambassadeurs_meitu_1The Jeunes Ambassadeurs (young ambassadors) program was created in 1999 at the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With aims to encourage the creation of quality and long-lasting relations between foreign students and business leaders as well as international partnerships for companies from the Lyon, Grenoble and Saint Etienne region, the Jeune Ambassadeur program is fully integrated into the business community and was extended to Grenoble in 2009.

Today, over 1750 master students have taken the role of jeunes ambassadeurs from 18 colleges and universities and have established the network with the CCI of Lyon and all of the major institutional leaders (the Grand Lyon, the General Council of the Rhone, the Rhone-Alps Region, the CCI of Grenoble, the CCI of Saint Etienne, Saint Etienne Métropole and the General Council of the Loire). As for GEM, 35 students have joined this program and gained valuable experience.

Liliane-prisca NZESSEUNONO, from Cameroun and a student of the Pass-World11063084_10204669038899231_845620904_n_meitu_2 Admissions shared her most memorial moments of studying at GEM and her experiences in the Jeunes Ambassadeurs Program. 

Before the Pass World exam, Liliane was the student majoring in statistics and economics in Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Statistique et d’Economie Appliquée d’Abidjan. She had worked as a statistician in Cameroun. With her passion and goal to be a financial manager and motivated by her past working experience in the field of financing as a statistician, Liliane tried very hard to succeed in the Pass World Admission and she made it at GEM. She liked taking the courses, such as accounting and fiance because she believed the knowledge on how to make a balance sheet and how to interpret financial data would be in great use for her career. As she quoted, “statistics is a straight and precise science while accounting and finance tell how to do business”.

“I am enlisted to the program of Jeune Ambassadeur. Not only do I know the history and development of Grenoble, but also I have the opportunities to visit different places. My team members and I visited Lyon to present our best wishes to the president of the region. After that, I have developped a good network which could help me for my future career”.

10383009_728607727227401_4371659594973726535_nMartin Zahner, Associate Director of International Affairs at GEM, coach and coordinator for the Jeunes Ambassadeurs Program shared more information in terms of the student qualification and the ongoing program linked to GEM students. On one hand, as the coordinator from the the academic side, Mr. Zahner starts early to seek for the potential students who are young students with a master degree, French-speaking and will stay in the region at least for a year. On the other hand, Martin works closely with his colleagues in the association to continuously innovate programs to interest both the candidate students and the coaches from the business to join the program. As he mentioned, “the goal is when the students come back from Jeunes Ambassadeurs Program, they want to do business with the companies out of their own countries”.

“We are looking forward to embracing more diversity from the students perspective and getting in touch new companies and partnerships. For example, we have partnered with UDIMEC, an association which sponsors us financially and supports students in terms of internship and employment in 2014. We will continue to spend the efforts to find new visit opportunities in the coming days to let the students see more new things.”


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