Caroline Gauthier, Professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management Shared Her Experience in South Korea at AGERA Conference

The AGERA network (Alliance Des Grandes Ecoles Rhône-Alpes Auvergne) which consists of 41 of the most prestigious higher education establishments in the Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne regions of France organized a conference in terms of the developments and opportunities of South Korea  (La Corée du Sud: Pays de toutes les opportunités. Une des populations les mieux formées de la planète) on 12 March 2015. Caroline Gauthier, Professor and Researcher of Strategy in Grenoble Ecole de Management and Director of Advance Research Program for Doctoral school at GEM participated in this event and shared her experiences in South Korea with substantial supportive fact and data.


sans-titreProfessor Gauthier has achieved her doctoral degree in University College of London, UK. With strong academic background in Sustainable Development, Marketing, Economics, Strategy, and Innovation, Caroline not only practices her lecturing in GEM, but is also a consultant for UE, OCDE and ONU. Caroline’s international background is as outstanding as her academic. She has been living in Canada for three years and has over two year’s research experience in South Korea.

The popularity of Confucian culture in Korea “In South Korea, I concentrated on writing, publishing, thinking and collecting data for my researches. I have implemented2 a project about culture values in South Korea, as it represents one of the strongest Confucian culture in the world. My research is concerning on how the invasion of different cultures bend into the Korean ones. One of my interesting findings is that the Confucian culture is so alive and Korean personal value is social-oriented. Another discovery is the hierarchy of Korean people. In Korea, they respect people in terms of age a lot. And family is an important concept in their daily life in addition to working.


During the AGERA conference, Caroline presented her research as well as some facts of South Korea, such as total population, the OCDE, the spirit of innovation and some photos she selected, such as the photos showing how Korean people engage, the technologies of Samsung, and people sleeping in public transportation. “It would be useful for the people who intend to work in Korea or develop partnership in Korea. Those photos are not my academic study but my overall impression about Korea.” she mentioned.

You have to adapt to the culture as the culture will not adapt to you. For example, to learn some Korean language would be helpful for me to connect with the local people, to read about the country, such as contemporary literature, to watch movie, to be interested by connecting with people. I went to see Korean movie almost every week and was impressed by the dynamics and innovation of Korean entertainment. In fact, I am sure the students at GEM could do this very well.  The communication and interaction among diversified nationalities help prepare them be competent to interact with different cultures.”

Interview done by Miki Lin, Communication Assistant, Center for International Affairs.


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