CMIRA Grant 2014-2015

Marcela Teixeira from Brazil, Naijia Wang and Ye Wang from China, Robert Glanc from Germany, Meng-Hua Wu from Taiwan, students benefiting from the CMIRA GRANT given by The RÉGION RHÔNE-ALPES, share their amazing study and living experiences as incoming students @ GEM. 


“I love here because GEM encourages you to go outside and be as open-minded as possible. It is great to prepare me in a business position that I need to take different aspects into consideration and be more accessible to people. I was financially prepared before coming here. But with the support of CMIRA GRANT, it releases some of the stress and worries, both for me and my parents. It allows me better focus on the studies and provides more possibilities to explore things in France and Europe.” said Marcela Teixeira, from Brazil and student from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, United States.


Marcela Teixeira, Double Degree, ESC

Marcela loves travelling, meeting new people and new culture. She is independent and self-organizing. In her words, she easily adapts to places because she has studied and lived in the United States for six years. “Being new and not knowing anyone was the hardest part of moving and being alone.” she said. Even though the French culture is very different from American culture and Brazilian culture, she loves French style. It is more relaxing, more social. What was difficult for Marcela at the first place was the pace of learning. “It was very fast for the first semester. “Some courses just lasted for half of the semester and I had to complete it in such a short time. That was stressful for me. Learning how to manage my time correctly and how to organize my schedules better were quite important.”

“Thanks to the CMIRA GRANT, I am able to have more opportunity to network with new friends and experience French and European cultures. I have overcome the challenges from a brand new environment (France), a different language (French), the ways of thinking (critical and horizontal thinking). I have better understanding about the European architecture, religions, and history as well as tried different French gastronomy. ” said Ye Wang from Tongji University, China.

Wang Ye_meitu_1

Ye Wang, Double Degree, ESC

When Ye Wang was a little child, she had been dreaming to study in France. Her dream came true. ‘’I am so happy that I could exchange at GEM and in a romantic country like France.” She enjoys the courses very much. She said that the ways how the professors teach and communicate are quite different from China. In Tongji University, she is major in engineering which requires a liner methodology. But Management related courses call for critical thinking. She has adapted to it and she wants to make more progress in the second semester.

“I enjoy my studies at GEM especially because of the fact that one can meet people from almost all over the world. Although, the way of studying is different, I am open to new experiences and challenges.” Robert Glanc from Kozminski University


Robert Glanc, Double Degree, ESC

In Robert’s words, his home University, Kozminski University, has a partnership with GEM and offers a Double Degree. He wanted to benefit from the opportunity to get two diplomas at the end of his Master studies. The CMIRA GRANT enables him to be independent and helps him to cover the living expenses during the stay in Grenoble including costs for accommodation and travelling. Even though, Grenoble is smaller than Warsaw, he is enjoying life here – walking up to Bastille to enjoy the amazing view on the city, the possibility of skiing, meeting interesting people from all over the world and the opportunity to improve French language skills.

“I like the climate in Grenoble which is similar to my hometown. I like French food so much. Baguette, croissant and cheese are so delicious. I gain a lot from marketing courses at GEM and I am fascinated by marketing and have the intention of finding the job in marketing field.” Said Naijia Wang from Tongji University, China


Naijia Wang, Double Degree, ESC

Working in an automobile consulting management company has always been my dream. Growing in Changchun, a city known as “Chinese Detroit”, I developed an “obsession” with automobiles since my childhood. In my opinion, electric vehicles are becoming the new favorite in automobile marketing, due to the energy shortages and rapid development of information industry, and that is what lead me to Grenoble Ecole de Management, a cradle of technology innovations and new production marketing strategies. There are also many factors pushing me to Grenoble Ecole de Management, such as authentication of AACSB, EQUIS, or AMBA, high-tech industrial zone with many internships, etc. Grenoble just have everything I need. But France being a little bit expensive there is no doubt that the CMIRA can help me reduce the financial burden.

“By communicating with the students from different countries, I am acquainted with various cultures and thinking patterns. In my opinion, it is important to have the global thinking in the view of globalization. Thanks for GEM giving me the opportunity to receive the CMIRA and thanks for CMIRA subsidizing my studying in Grenoble.” said Naijia

P1060080Each year the Center for International Affairs redistributes the grants given by the Region Rhône-Alpes to the Master 2 students who have been selected by their home university and then by the Région Rhône-Alpes. Per Mélanie Farissier, the Grants Officer at GEM, “To ensure the students have the qualification, I will be in close contact with over 125 partners in terms of the selected student list. At same time, we respect the decision of the Region Rhône-Alpes. Congratulations to this year’s CMIRA GRANT students, wish them have a good time at GEM and Grenoble.”


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