“How did I perform during Amphi de Positionnement?” Testimonials from 3 students

Amphi de Positionnement of this year has taken place in the Auditorium on Feb 5, 2015. It has assisted over 500 students to choose their ideal destinations for academic exchange overseas. In addition, Amphi de Positionnement was also a great opportunity for the students who applied for the exchange programs to come back to school to see each other. It was one of the few times they can get together again before the end of the second year and get back in touch of GEM and knew what was happening. It was a stressful event but a very fun event as well.



Florian Mantovani was the first student to make his decision at the Amphi de Positionnement.

According to Florian, “When I saw my ranking online two days before the Amphi de Positionnement, I was a little bit surprised, because I expected to have a good one, but not the first! Of course, I was proud and it was a reward for my work during my second year at GEM which was also amazing on a personal aspect. For sure, it was a really pleasant feeling to go on the stage without pressure and knowing that I was going to get my first foreign exchange choice, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business! “

“Here, it is a nice story. I remembered my interview to attend Grenoble Ecole de Management more than two years ago. I talked with the jury about this university in Nagoya. The possibility of doing this academic exchange was one of my motivations to integrate GEM. I have always been attracted by Japan, and I think it is the right moment to discover this country and its culture. This foreign exchange is the perfect opportunity to do it and to get a double degree I will value in the future. That is why I put Nagoya as a first choice.” said Florian.


Overall speaking, Amphi de Positionnement was a good experience for Florian. Before getting his ranking, he was stressed. Once he knew the result, everything became easier for him. Before attending the event, he thought there might be some tension between one or two students since it was still a competition in order to get the best universities. But fortunately, it was not the case at all. It was a friendly atmosphere. During this period, some of the students were in the middle of internship or projects, he had to represent several friends who could not come and most of them got the academic exchange they wanted. He was very happy for them and stayed until the end of the Amphi. That afternoon of Amphi de Positionnement would be a nice one that Florian will never forget.


Cyril Carre made the wish come true as well. “Amphi de Positionnement was a very existing moment, waiting to see which one of your choices would be validated. It was also a good occasion to meet up with classmates who are now doing internships all around the country. I have been lucky and got my first choice which is a double degree at Tongji University, Shanghai. I hope that this year abroad with enable me to dive deep into Chinese culture and to get ready to deal with professional life.”


“Georgia Tech was on the top of my wish list, and I was so glad that I get it. The atmosphere of the Amphi de Positionnement was exciting. I got my ranking before it made up my mind by then. I just came with my friends and enjoyed the applauding and everything.” said Ying Xiao.

For those who will consider academic exchange in the upcoming years. Here some advice from Florian to help you have better vision.


“GEM offers a wide range of choice, so I am sure that everyone can obtain a good one. Concerning my advice for going overseas study, the first one is to find the right balance between fun and work during the second year in GEM.  It is not always easy but the idea of going abroad should be a good source of motivation. So it is important to be well ranked for the Amphi. My second advice for these students is to follow their wishes. Of course, the universities rankings must be taken into account but it is really important to choose a country they are attracted by, because it will be a unique experience.”

Interview done by Miki Lin, Communication Assistant, Center for International Affairs.


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