50 Students Had a Great Time at the 14th Rencontres Des Etudiants Internationaux (REI) 2014

Every year the Alliance of the Grandes Ecoles in the Rhône Alpes Region (AGERA) invites the International Exchange students of the “Grandes Ecoles” to an Official Welcome event which is held in Lyon, France. This year, around 50 students from GEM accompanied by Julie Grillon and Melisa Ferrante from the scolarité participated in the event and all of them had a great time. Not only did they get in touch with other international students or schools of engineering, management, architecture and specialized training in the Rhones Alpes region, they also spent a good day in Lyon to appreciate the culture of France.


Here goes the testimonials from students.

“It was an amazing trip. Before the conference, we had a tour around Lyon and one of the places we went was the Maison des Canuts in La Croix-Rousse. Per my understanding, that was the place to produce silk in the ancient times, which was destroyed in the World War II.

In Lyon, there are two famous rivers, Rhône and Saône and a beautiful mountain Fourvière, which reminded me immediately my hometown, Chongqing, China. To go to the mountain Fourvière, I tried the first time of Funiculaire. It was very interesting.

During the conference, we got to know more about the Rhône Alpes Region and heard other exchange students’ sharing about their initial experience in terms of study and living. I felt so touched. We all enjoyed ourselves for the meeting and good foods and drinks.”

2“A group of us went up to the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière on the hill and then walked through the city. It was really cool. After that, the conference and the presentation began. The moment we chose to study in this region, we are already convinced of the good points of here. In general, it was nice to be there but we would have preferred to stay longer in the town and have more opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Lyon.”

“As a student in Grenoble, I was looking forward to visiting the capital city of Rhône-Alpes, and this event gave me an opportunity to do it. My impressions about Lyon is that the city is very similar to Paris, but with a personal character closer to southern cities, like Toulouse, especially in terms of architecture. I had a very fun experience, I love visiting new places, and I enjoyed a lot the event and the presentation of other students in the region. Than you for the opportunity!”

Thank you Song Ya, Lucas Rech and CHAVESSAJARDO Rafael-julian to share your expeirence at REI 2014


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