Bienvenue & Welcome – The 14th Rencontres Des Etudiants Internationaux (REI) is on 23 October 2014

Every year the Alliance of the Grandes Ecoles in the Rhône Alpes Region (AGERA) invites the International Exchange students of the “Grandes Ecoles” to an Official Welcome event which is held in Lyon, France.


This event includes different guided tours of Lyon followed by a Welcome Cocktail. It has for purpose to gather students from different “Grande Ecoles” of the Rhones Alpes region. Schools of engineering, management, architecture and specialized training will be participating.

Objective of the event:
-Welcome officially international students entering the Grandes Ecoles
-Enhance awareness of the Grandes Ecoles
-Present the economic and cultural assets of the area


AGERA is a federative group of 40 Grandes Ecole in the Rhone-Aples Auvergne regions: institutes of higher education, lifelong learning and research in the fields of engineering, management, architecture, design, performing arts, political sciences and theatre studies. AGERA represents these institutions on local, national and international levels, runs common projects or events, and shares best practices.

Program includes:
– Guided Tours of Lyon
– Visit the Rhône Alpes Region headquarters
– Students presentations on their stay in the Grandes Ecoles of the area
– Prizes for the best photo of Lyon
– Cocktail

Welcome and have a nice get-together.

Comming soon, some students are going to share their fun time and photos with you, don’t miss it. If you have incredible photos and experience during this event, please share with us. Thank you.

Know more about AGERA, click here


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