GEM’s innovative activity for students at the Village Rentrée 2014

September 12, 2014, the 3rd edition of Village Rentrée, an event organized by ESC of Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) has been a success by introducing different departments dedicated to students’ services of the school to the freshers. Nearly 600 students were expected.


On this occasion, many questions from the 1st year students regarding study abroad possibilities offered at GEM were answered by the team of the Center for International Affairs represented by Administrative and Academic Advisors. For the 2nd and 3rd year students, there are plenty of overseas study programs waiting for them.

Choices offered to 2nd year students:
– Apply for a classical exchange in one of our 125 partner universities located in 34 countries over the world
– Follow the transcontinental Tracks in Beijing, New York or Vancouver

Choices offered to 3rd year students:
– Apply for a classical exchange in one of our partner universities
– Apply for a double degree and get 2 diplomas


With everyone’s effort, the autumn return of the Grande Ecole program was completed with each promotion and course concentrated on: the courses and management projects for 1A, the application on different positions for associations and courses for 2A, and the Grand Mémoire for 3A and their career plans.

As usual, our daily concern is the Student Services and to innovate the Village Rentrée involving the associations. This year, with the collaboration with game association of the school ENJEU, we designed and implemented a new kind of activity: An Integration Game! By having fun and inquiring information by student themselves through a discovery journey, these games were served in collaboration with the various departments of GEM: pedagogy, library, linguathèque, etc.” said Béatrice Nerson, the Associate Director of ESC.


“The goal of this game was to involve all the new students into the new environment.” mentioned by the association ENJEU. The game involved more than 600 people with 25 staffing people to assist them to do the game. Students were split into group of 4 or 5 persons and welcomed with a giant paper game in the school. This was the first time that such an event was made to integrate students and the whole administrative services of GEM were proud of the result. The new students have been more involved in their environment, and they have been more curious about what’s surround them and less anxious to go see services for information for international exchange or psychological support when they need it as they have discovered all the departments of GEM.

As concluded by Béatrice Nerson, “through this event, we believed that it was a more friendly way to present the services and developed closeness with students. And it has been a good opportunity to create bonds between students and to involve them as part of the big entity that GEM is.

Village Rentrée 2014 was a success thanks to the assistance from Méryl, Johanna, Aléna, and ENJEU. At the end of the integration week, we ended with a great day at the Bastille, a traditional and beautiful sight spot of Grenoble. ”


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