Grenoble EM welcomes Duke master students

Last week, Grenoble EM  welcomed two new Masters students from Duke University, USA. Jill Javier and Nancy Fechnay have come to Grenoble to study Innovation to reinforce what they have done on their two years MBA program at the Fuqua School of Business.

Martin Zahner, Jill Javier, Nancy Fechnay, Mark Thomas

Martin Zahner, Jill Javier, Nancy Fechnay, Mark Thomas

The Center for International Affairs set up the agreement with the Fuqua School of Business two years ago. In all, four students from Duke have now come to Grenoble and two students from GEM have recently started their courses there.

Last year Quentin Fourre and Jill de Vleming spent 6 weeks studying Biotechnology at Grenoble EM, whilst improving their French and getting in some skiing at the weekends. On their return to the USA they duly completed their MBA before landing excellent jobs at Thompson Reueters and Microsoft in New York.

Jill Javier

Jill Javier

Jill Javier is planning on a career at Medtronic when she finishes her MBA.  The US based medical company is very present in the region with its European HQ in Geneva (a 2 hour drive from Grenoble). A study period at Grenoble EM will therefore give her some excellent insights into working in a European environment. This could be very useful as she progresses in her career with the company.

Hailing from New York, Jill found that being in Grenoble was beneficial and a nice change in pace. It helped that students were very welcoming and reached out to her. Furthermore being in a European country with a different healthcare system helped give her a different perspective of the field. Being in Grenoble EM also provided her with the opportunity to meet professors who have a background in healthcare and was able to get information on a career in the industry.

Entrepreneurship : Business Model and Business Plan, by Prof.Roux Dit Buisson

Despite initially not thinking about going abroad, Nancy found the description of our Energy Innovation course very enticing. It was what persuaded her to come to France. She was very impressed with the caliber of the Speakers and professor teaching the course. She raved about her fellow students, who welcomed her into their homes and went out of their way to make sure she experienced the French culture during her stay in Grenoble. Overall, Nancy was excited to come learn how energy entrepreneurship in Europe differed from its U.S. counterpart.

Nancy Fechnay

Nancy Fechnay

Jill and Nancy will also have the opportunity to work on practical research projects with the French and international masters students. Based in the French Silicon Valley, Grenoble has established a strong reputation in research in energy, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Indeed, the 500 foreign owned companies including 130 US companies such as Xerox, HP, Caterpillar etc. are excellent examples in working in a high tech and international environment.

We would also like to thank Arsia Amir Aslani and Olivier Cateura for their time and dedication in setting up the courses for Jill and Nancy as well as our friends Bertrand Guillotin and Candice Aldrich at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.


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