Pace Jan 2014

Jérémy Hochedez is currently studying on the Finance in New York Transcontinental Programme of Grenoble EM. He gives his impression of the start of the semester in one of the world’s fastest moving cities.

Greetings from New York!

photo 4eva mayoubMy trip began on December the 30th since with my roommates we decided to enjoy New Year’s Eve at Times Square. Newspapers told us we were about 1 million people attending the ball drop. A piece of advice for those who would like to do so next year: Wrap up warm as it is cold outside! All the more true since the next day we faced a snowstorm. We took advantage of the winter sales to buy gloves, coat, scarf etc.

A few words about a crucial point in our settlement: apartment hunting. I’m currently writing from our comfy apartment in Williamsburg so it looks like everything went well (thanks to my roommates and the sound advices given by Mark Thomas and the whole team that takes care of us).

January the 10th was the introduction day of the Pace Jan 2014 5transcontinental program. We would like to thank John Meletiadis, Executive Director of the Center of Global Business Program (CGBP) of Pace University, Brian Pew, associate director of the CGBP and Macia Batista staff associate of the CGBP for their warm welcome. Before being gathered all information about the University, our program and lifestyle in New York we had a nice breakfast with plenty of bagels and cream cheese. That may seem out of context but I’m found of this kind of food I could eat all day long.

We then went to a quick tour of the University with a student of Pace. We were very impressed by the whole infrastructure of the school, including a Starbucks where we can take a rest after spending hours in the huge library or an intensive sport session in the first basement. Indeed, Pace University has a basketball court, a weights room (some of us already use it on a regular basis, with a routine laid out) and all the equipment for gym we can enjoy any when we want.

Pace Jan 2014 3By noon, we became officially student of Pace University since Pace photo identification cards were issued to us.

At 2:00 PM, we had the pleasure to have a lecture from guest speakers, invited by Mark Thomas. These 2 people were Ms. Marianne Schenk Ms. Rose Ott and who respectively worked for Credit Suisse and Highground Capital. In their opinion, people who thrive in financial field are those who have of great taste for challenge. Of course you must have skills, but what matters a lot is the passion for challenging issues, the ability to make decision (in a stressful environment sometime) but keeping in mind your own values. Ethical issues and judgment are momentum nowadays; finance should no more be considered as a sort of gambling. These characteristics truly build your reputation and will help you make a successful career in finance.

Another point highlighted by the guest speakers is that CNBC studios on the trading floorfinance is believed to be a “man’s world”. This is true that most of people working in finance are men but more and more women hold successfully good position in finance field. Actually, there are 14 female students out of a total of 25 people in our class, that is to say 56%. Revolution is underway.

This presentation day established the basis of what is going to be a legen- wait for it- dary! A legendary semester! I guess we are all eager to learn more from our teachers and people we will meet here.


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